HARD Summer 2013 Recap


HARD Summer 2013 Recap

We just got back from HARD Summer and we’re exhausted. Between the 12-hour dance parties, painful blisters, expensive after parties, mimosas, minimal sleep and enough Sapporo to last a lifetime, we found time to record the experience.

Didn’t make it out to HARD Summer this year? Here’s what you missed.

“This was my third HARD Summer. Even with only a few years of attendance under my belt, I can definitely see the festival growing. It’s a good thing in a lot of ways, I’m discovering these phenomenal artists like Claude Vonstroke and Alex Metric. But festival growth isn’t always such an awesome thing. There’s noticeably more people showing up for the scene itself rather than the music. Apart from the giant mainstage performances, I think the real heart of the festival belongs to those scarcely crowded dance tents.” ~ John T.

breakbot hard summer 2013

“Breakbot was seriously amazing. I’ve seen him a few times but this was easily the best. Way more than I expected.” ~ Sean D.

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downtown la historic park 2013

“The best way to mourn the end of summer vacation is with an all out celebration of silliness. HARD Summer perfectly filled this role for me. The opportunity to pack as many friends as possible into one hotel room, dress like a colorful fool, and get funky with the best artists in the EDM industry is one I will never pass up.” ~ Kaitlin O.

hard stage 2013

 “Eight dollars for a fucking beer.” ~ Joanna P.

dog blood hard summer 2013


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Daft Punk 2014 Confirmed

Daft Punk 2014 Confirmed

“Flosstradamus was easily my top pick for this year. Maybe Baauer a close second.” ~ Oscar L.

bae caught me slepin double tree los angeles downtown la
Claude Vonstroke

Claude Vonstroke

*Special thanks to photo contributors Josh Silba, Matthew Hardesty