Governor’s Ball Mix 2013

Governor’s Ball Mix 2013

Governor’s Ball Mix 2013 is here, ready to prepare you for one of our favorite diverse music festivals held annually in the New York area. Thanks to the magic that is Spotify (do we get a handout for that ringing endorsement?), you can sample some of the artists, big and small, that will be playing this year. Rejoice!

If you’re busy doing, you know, work stuff, you can shuffle around with this one. If you have the luxury of being a little more selective, we’d like to share some buzzworthy artists worth your time.

Pretty Lights

governor's ball mix 2013


Pretty Lights is becoming a staple of the festival circuit each year, and that’s a good thing. Best known for mixing throwback jams into contemporary and heavily chopped versions, Pretty Lights is a serious crowd pleaser. This makes great ambient music, perfect for a music festival environment. As the name implies, there’s a hell of a light show involved during regular performances as well. Some people believe the stuff you find online doesn’t quite do Pretty Lights justice, but we beg to differ.

Of Monsters and Men

monsters and men governor's ball mix 2013

Of Monsters and Men caught a lot of exposure from their SNL debut — their somewhat polarizing polished and radio friendly sound undoubtedly able to translate through a nationally televised setting. We happen to think that exposure was a good thing, their big sound is worthy of a big audience. Speaking of their sound, it’s a squeaky clean produced version of the love child of Arcade Fire and Stars.

Death From Above 1979

death from above 1979 governor's ball

Yes, yes and YES. Death From Above 1979 all day. These guys recently reunited at Coachella and played a big major music festivals following that appearance. If you haven’t been able to catch these guys live before, their live show is absolutely electric. Their manic sound gave rise to bands like Japandroids, but their energy is something impossible to replicate. Heavily distorted bass and a cluster #&%* of percussion drive this crazy machine just barely hanging on to the rails. Get acquainted and get a spot in front during their Governor’s Ball 2013 show.