Five Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Spring

Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, spring arrives in New Zealand in September and lasts until mid-December. Fragrant flowering gardens and meadows, cloudless skies, divine views, and a sea of exciting activities turn this island country into a top destination. Below we’ve listed five reasons to visit New Zealand in the springtime. 

1. Blooming Nature

The weather in New Zealand perfectly illustrates the concept of the “right” spring. Everything that can bloom blooms! Trees that shed the foliage for the winter turn green, the air becomes clear, and the sky brightens. The temperature on the North Island ranges from +7 to + 17 ° C, the South fluctuates between +5 – + 17° C. The capital city of Wellington is windy but when the sun comes out, it’s quite warm. If you don’t mind the refreshing water, you can open the swimming season for yourself in November. It’s best to focus on the eastern coast of the country overlooking the warmer Tasman Sea. The Pacific Ocean on the eastern side is somewhat cooler.

2. The Climax of the Ski Season

New Zealand is an awesome location for skiing thanks to dozens of resorts scattered across the country. However, one little thing can ruin your entire experience — crowds of tourists. If you don’t want to maneuver between hundreds of strangers on your way down the slope, then come to New Zealand in early spring. In September and until the middle of October, the snow cover is still thick enough for skiing, and the likelihood of being caught off-guard by storms or bad weather is minimal. Besides, the clear sky and the gentle sun add fabulous colors to the mountain landscapes.

3. Ideal for Tourists on a Budget

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a fairly expensive country. The flight alone costs an arm and a leg plus you’ll have to pay for accommodation, car and gear rental, food, etc. The cost of a vacation becomes a dealbreaker for many people dreaming of visiting this beautiful country. However, the low season is able to bring the expenses down almost twice. Prices in hotels instantly become budget-friendlier and airlines come up with some nice discounts. If you’re planning a ski vacation in spring, you can save even more with Queenstown ski packages. They deliver the essentials for the ultimate experience in the best resorts of the South Island.

4. Best Weather for Cycling and Hiking

The New Zealand climate allows cycling and hiking all year round. However, the need to bring along a lot of warm clothes, short daylight hours, and a cold wind significantly thin down the ranks of outdoor enthusiasts in winter. Summer activities have their own hurdles such as heat and traffic jams on the most popular routes. Spring, on the other hand, is a totally different thing. The temperature ideal for multi-kilometer hikes and rides, blooming meadows and valleys, extended daytime hours, and the absence of fierce competition on trails will help you have an amazing time.

5. The Freshest Seafood

If you’re a foodie who loves seafood, New Zealand is the right place to visit. You can enjoy local lobsters, whitebait, mussels, scallops, and other creatures of the Pacific all year round, but the spring is the time when the catch is the richest and the freshest. On the occasion of the seafood season, the country is captured by the seafood festival craze. If you happen to explore the North Island, make sure to drop by the Whitianga Scallop Festival. The South Island offers its own events like the Kaikoura Seafest. No matter where you end up feasting, the belly full of yummy delicacies is guaranteed.