Expand Your Taste Buds with These Exciting Dishes Around the World

Photo by allthatsinteresting.com

Looking to change up your palette and try some new interesting dishes while traveling? Luckily, there are many options out there!


When it comes to edibles, you have a few different options. From CBD edibles to weed edibles to psilocybin edibles.  It is probably the former which is most popular, due to the fact it’s more commonly legalized. Plus, there are retailers offering wholesale CBD edibles, meaning it is a lot easier for consumers to purchase them for lower prices. This is more common in other countries than in the United States or C, but you could make your own as well. 

Yes, you can make pretty much any dish or dessert with CBD, marijuana, or even mushroom extracts.

It may take some experience to get it right, as adding these ingredients into your recipe may change up the taste.

We recommend heading to a place like Amsterdam or Canada to try these dishes first. This is where they will taste the best and you will get the full effect!

Japan Dishes

If you are really looking to try some exotic dishes, head to Japan. This is where you will find some crazy things to eat like tuna eyeballs and shirako.

Shirako is the sperm sacs of fish such as cod or pufferfish. It supposedly has a custardy and sweet taste.

Tuna eyeballs are boiled or steamed and mixed with garlic or soy sauce for a delicious side dish that tastes like squid.

Other Dishes

In England, they make what is called Stargazey Pie. It is exactly as it sounds, a pie with fish surrounding the age staring at the sky.

Locusts are something you wouldn’t think about eating, but if you are ever in Israel, you can try their famous dish. They either deep fry them or cover then in chocolate.

If you are looking for more insect dishes, Laos has a white ant egg soup. This soup contains a mixture of ant eggs and even partial embryos from the ant. People say it is tasty and is similar to shrimp!

So, the next time you want to expand your taste buds, make sure to book a trip to one of these places!