Drones at Music Festivals


Courtesy of hoovy.co

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it is a drone? That is right folks, we have finally made it to the place where only the Jetsons could have predicted we would be by now. A place where unmanned mini quadcopters zip through the sky on missions of top-secret military grade priority, where the buggers are used to make profits, used for personal enjoyment and even now are being used to drop beer down to music festival goers on little parachutes! Wait, what? You heard me right, a drone dropping little beer soldiers down to music festival attendees. Music festivals just got a whole lot cooler!

The Impact of New Drones at Music Festivals

Drones have already made an impact on many industries ranging from military, to home repair to even agriculture. The newest escapade for new drones, concerts and large music festivals. There truly are immense possibilities in terms of what drones have to offer the music industry, or rather the opportunities that lie in involving the use of drones in outdoor music festivals.

As mentioned before new drones that deliver beer to festival goers is among the many uses of drones at music festivals. Then there are the obvious advertising capabilities, as well as drones whose sole purpose is to stream live footage of the event. Until now all of these actions have required many paid employees in order to prove efficient, but now that we know that drones are capable of performing all of these tasks who knows what will become of these paid workers.

Embracing Change

The music industry, particularly that of large outdoor festivals, has always been keen on open-heartedly accepting change in terms of technology and the norm. In fact, recent studies have shown that the idea of drone presence at music festival more than excites regular attendees. So, this festival season rather than freaking out when you think your music festival is being bombarded by UFO’s, simply embrace the change. Jetson’s style!