Cooking is an Art and not everyone is an Artist

The kitchen is an integral part of the culture of any  society as it’s a reflection of it. The types and flavors of food vary depending on the culture, which in turn has been influenced by the community and its social, geography, history and  environment. Despite the general framework of local cultures, they remain diverse and distinctive and have all their specific characteristics. Food has always been an important aspect of measuring the standard of living and aesthetic values ​​of a particular society due to  the reflection of tools and types of psychological and social wealth of the community.

Some people use the term cooking as a must while others use it as a hobby and art. 

Cooking is a process by which foods, spices and flavors are incorporated in different ways and ways to make them ready to be eaten. In modern times, the concept of cooking differs from antiquity. Cooking is no longer important for bridging hunger, but it becomes the art of preparing and presenting different dishes, and competing to show them in the most beautiful forms using  richest ingredients.

The art of cooking is considered as one of the most important arts that many women and men are interested in. This typical art is known to be enjoyable in terms of  learning and practice. So, it becomes an important thing in our time to learn the basics of home cooking due to the spread of fast food and its health damage to humans. The multitude of tastes between people is possible, therefore, learning the art of cooking contributes to the preparation of different dishes with desired flavors, depending on the desire of the person and his preference. We agree that the process of cooking is not easy  but learning the basics at the beginning and practicing it continuously, will help the person be able and skilled in it.

Talking about food and cooking can be directly related to most prestigious cuisines that boosts the throne of  cuisines worldwidely. Italy has always been a country known for food, cooking, culture, fashion, and many other things.  What generates the passion for the visit for many to get acquainted with this ancient civilization and its own culture. 

The curiosity of people to know about Italy, its cuisine and traditions pushes a group of professionals who have been working with passion for years in the food and wine sector and hospitality (consultants, food & beverage manager, chef, sommelier), to give birth to a start-up business venture  under the name of Insideat. Aiming to revolve the classic way of understanding cooking classes as well as  food and wine tours, to offer their customers experiences entirely customizable, authentic and strongly immersive in the heart of the country Roma. 

The Start-up Covers  cooking labs, from Pasta, Pizza to Tiramisu each class durates one hour, in which the Chef  makes sure that participants learn in details the right tips to make the chosen dish they booked. Food & Wine tours durates four hours in a discovery travel to the best places in the center of Rome, starting with an italian coffee passing by the best italian markets and restaurants to eat traditional food  to conclude the tour sipping the finest italian wine.