Characteristics that Make Up the Best Traveling Companions

We all know it, the right travel partner can either make or break a trip. You want to find the balance between the realm of “take-no-prisoners” and “down-for-whatever” and oddly enough that lies the perfect companion being, *drum roll please*, kids! For wherever your vacation takes you here are 9 traits that make them the best travel companions ever.
1. A child-like enjoyment of every last little thing
Negativity has no place on the road, the high seas or anywhere else traveled for
pleasure. Being with someone who can’t help but see beauty in everything is
contagious. Someone who is very easily impressionable and will take pleasure in even the smallest things. Taking pleasure in all the small moments, details and ephemera of your trip is what travel is all about. Not to mention they can make a game out of anything! More than keeping track of travel logistics they make a companion who keeps things fun and positive makes everything about your vacation better.
2. A Buddha-like acceptance of setbacks
Miss a flight? Hotel reservations canceled? Rains every day it’s supposed to be 84º and sunny? It doesn’t faze the perfect traveling companion. Whatever snafus and mistakes happen, a lip-curling freak-out never helps anything. Someone who rolls with the punches and has fun no matter what, carries the day every time.
3. Can make you do things out of character
To clarify, we’re not talking about ending up on the wrong side of the law. But getting close isn’t always a bad thing. Vacations are about saying “yes” and not “no.” You can say no to dancing on tables when you get home. For now, listen to your perfect travel companion when they ask, “Why not?” Your answer should always begin with, “Well, okay…” Your favorite memories in the future will thank you.
4. Refuses to set foot in fast food places
If you find yourself wondering, “What do burgers and fries taste like in this country?” you’re doing it wrong. “Fast food” is acceptable if it comes from a roadside stand, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant or a food cart. A perfect travel partner knows if there are arches, pigtails or kids’ toys, it’s a no go.
5. Can dead-lift at least 100 pounds
Cabs get missed, connecting flights change terminals and rain cells can come from nowhere. At some point in your travels, you’re going to need to move 75 pounds of luggage several hundred yards real quick. Failing that, there’s dozens of other unexpected ways that this trait comes in handy on the road. The perfect travel companion can help you hustle.
6. Isn’t your conjoined twin
For all the reasons you want the perfect travel partner, you don’t want someone who’s attached at the hip all the time. Sometimes you just want to go your own way, and that’s
okay. The best road companions can go it alone sometimes, and give you the space to
explore, have fun or just relax on your own.
7. Is a “Vacation Experience Stakeholder”
Ever travel with someone who’s “cool with whatever,” then proceeds to criticize
everything and complain? You need someone who has an opinion, and has the same
things at stake as you—that’s having a blast and making memories. It’s no fun planning
for two when someone constantly just defers to you. A perfect vacation friend takes part
in both the planning and the partying.
8. Shares your concept of “cheap” or “expensive”
Whether you’re into seeing everything for nothing, or you’re into having everything,
period—your partner has to be on the same page. The best traveling companions are
as generous as you, or as thrifty. Nothing’s worse than a compadre who doesn’t pay
their share, or wants to drag you to overpriced stuff. Conversely, it’s also a drag when
your partner doesn’t want to spend like you. Either way, a great road partner is always
on the same expense page as you. You can always tune into My Voucher Codes if you are looking for traveling deals that are sure to blow you away!
9. Could totally save your life, etc
It isn’t fun, but the truth is, emergencies happen during trips. The ideal companion
could, if they had to, talk to police, medical staff or other officials if something happened
to you. Even better if they speak a foreign language or two, could relay your medical
history, know important contacts at home, or even help “explain things” in order to
de-escalate a situation. The perfect travel partner could be a lifesaver, literally.