Camping Basics: Some Things to Remember

If its summer or even when it’s just a vacation, there are a lot of us who wants to go on an adventure. There is nothing more exciting than getting out of your work or school knowing you don’t have to think about it for the next day or two. Going out to the woods and enjoying the fresh air can be soothing and refreshing for us. It said that it also cleanses our respiratory system along with our whole body because we have escaped most of the pollution from the city. It can be great to go to these areas so that we can also appreciate the beauty of nature.

Hiking is one of the more popular ways that people do these kinds of adventures. Going to challenging trails with all those bags on your back is also a good exercise. This is an activity for those who want to have a more heat-pumping vacation which can take a few days depending on the trail. There are a lot of them available in most areas across the country. This can be quite challenging for the uninitiated. Unless you have a healthy body without any kind of preexisting condition, you may want to skip this one. Learn more about hiking here.

Camping: Back to Nature

Another activity that you can do instead is camping, as most people would prefer. You stay in the middle of the mountains, woods or beside a lake and stay there for a while. Hiking also involves camping, but you really need to move from time to time. You can only set up camp once it is already nearing sundown and it’s getting dangerous to trek the trail. Camping, on the other hand, is just staying in one place and enjoying the surroundings. Preparation might be a bit time-consuming but it is all worth it once it’s time to rest.

Aside from little walks here and there, there are also other tasks that you can do while outdoors, especially if there is a big body of water nearby. Swimming and canoeing is great for those who want to get wet and wild. Make sure you have towels and extra clothes ready!

If there is a great population of fish, you can also try and catch them as long as you have permission from the park’s management. Some of these lakes or other bodies of water are protected because it might be essential in the survival of the local ecosystem. This is why it is important to know whether it is legal to fish in any area or otherwise as this can lead you to trouble if you are not careful.

Camping Essentials You Need To Bring

Camping can also mean that you need to give up some comfort so that you will have the entire experience. Most adventurers would actually like to sleep on the ground and sleeping bags are optional. Insect repellants are also essential since insect bites can be quite painful and uncomfortable when itchy. Some insect bites can also be dangerous because you might have an allergy. Wounds can also lead to infection if not treated immediately so have a complete first aid kit on hand. This can also include bear or wolf repellants for areas where these animals are abundant.  

You also need to have enough food for your group. Canned goods are rather popular to bring since they are already cooked and can be eaten anytime. Dried goods like fruits and jerky can also be a great addition to any packs as well as energy bars for those who want to hike. If you plan to build a bonfire or have a heater ready, then having instant ramen would be nice as well. 

Speaking of which, do not forget the most essential part of any activity that is water. It would be best for you to bring your own drinking water to camp. You may also want to procure water purifying tablets for emergency cases. Remember to keep your containers always clean. Read more about these tablets here:

Glamping and Its Issues

On the other hand, if you don’t want to experience the rigors of camping you may want to try something else. Glamping or glamorous camping is getting popular these days and for a good reason. You don’t need to sleep on the ground as glamping places offer beds and even air conditioned rooms or tents for you. It’s like a resort experience in the middle of the woods. All the rough and tough parts of camping is replaced by comfort and actual safety.

Most outdoor veterans actually look down on glamping because it is not the authentic camping experience. Camping should be all about being more natural with the surroundings, like living the life before modern inventions or as close as it could get. Other camping enthusiasts also could not grasp the idea of camping as being comfortable as it is should be a challenging yet fun experience for everyone. Glamping is like drinking coffee without caffeine.

However, glamping is great for others who want to experience camping but cannot because of a physical condition. As traditional camping involves a lot of physical activities, it can be difficult for PWDs, children and the elderly to adjust. Glamping would be a great option for them since they do not have to sleep on the ground for example. They can camp comfortably and still enjoy the experience. You may also want to rent an RV so that you can bring a part of your home with you. There are a lot of options and information online like the guide rentals by RV Anywhere which can help you find the best RV for you and your family.

Whether you are hiking, camping or glamping, nothing is more important than prioritizing your safety and happiness. There is no point in debating which activity is better since it really depends on the person who will undergo the experience. You can look for more thrills or a relaxing getaway but as long as you are having fun, nothing else matters.