Black Rock Desert Burning Man Prep

burning man prepBurning Man prep is essential for anyone and everyone attending the festival. Regardless of your level of experience with this psychedelic trip into the Black Rock desert, you’ll need to make the right preparation in order to survive the festival. It’s not something you should ever take lightly. Are you ready for your own burning man prep?

The first thing I’ll point out to newcomers is the extreme temperatures. Are you prepared to endure scorching afternoon heat to the tune of 100 degrees? If not, one need not apply for the Burning Man experience. Unfortunately the intense heat will forever keep many individuals away from this lifetime festival experience. Maybe for the best.

Burning Man Prep: The Life of a Burner

Obviously with conditions the way they are, the single most important item you bring is a surplus of water. Paying money to use the bus and go back in town for a few items is always a drag, and furthermore disrupts the overall festival experience. Personally, I would always barter with my neighbors for water if I was low before electing to do this! Burning Man is about community after all.

It may sound like I’m being a broken record, but you can never understate the importance of sunscreen at a festival like Burning Man. When temperatures are at their worst, I’ll generally reapply a 50 proof lotion nearly every hour on the hour. Skin cancer is real people, don’t let it happen to you! Make a powerful sunscreen part of your Burning Man prep.

Never take your Burning Man prep for granted. It’s uniquely different from other festivals in the sense that the community typically doesn’t run off money of any kind. Stay tuned for some additional words of wisdom!