Best Banquet hall decor ideas for wedding in South Mumbai

There’s a wide range of options, from old crates with candles to ornate candelabras. Whether you’re being married in a barn, a converted barn, a barn, or a stately home, these ideas will help you create a stunning setting for your wedding. Here are some great banquet hall decoration ideas to assist you make your loved one’s wedding in Mumbai a spectacular event. Now that you are searching for mind boggling banquet hall decor ideas for your beautiful south mumbai wedding, we are here to help you out!

Bunting wedding decoration ideas

Bunting, a staple of many rustic weddings, is a great way to tie together a variety of different decorative elements. If you’re going for a more immersive experience or want to highlight the height of your banquet hall, this is a must-have.

Flower walls

Try a flower wall for a different spin on the trend of showcasing flowers like Kim Kardashian is known to do. These don’t have to be exterior feature walls or closely spaced petals. A beautiful setting for your head table might be achieved by using trailing vines, rose stems, and delphiniums. This would look great if you decide to have your wedding ceremony in a banquet hall which also has an open garden where you can place the flower wall. You can  find the list top wedding banquet halls in South Mumbai online without any hustle and bustle.

Oversized letters

The Great Barn, exhibited below, is just one example of how beautifully over-sized letters complement a variety of settings. For a rustic vibe, go with a wooden finish, or go industrial with rusted metal and Edison bulbs. They serve double duty as decorations for the dance floor, highlighting its boundaries and beckoning guests to join in the fun.

Lights that sparkle like fairies

Fairy lights are one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to decorate for a wedding. You can mimic the look of Blake Hall’s fairy lights by wrapping them around the beams of your banquet hall or suspending them from the ceiling. You can put strings of fairy lights behind the dance floor or cluster them around the fireplace. Having their soft, dreamy light gently blur the background of your first dance shots is the best way to capture the magic of the moment.

Seating on Chiavari chairs

Barns are a popular choice for rustic weddings, and chiavari chairs in white paint, lime wash, stain, or natural wood finishes are a common sight. Peter and Nicole’s whimsical, rustic motif at Bassmead Manor Barns was accentuated with milk bottles wrapped with twine and filled with gypsophila.

Wedding decorations for the outdoors: blossoms everywhere

Use the preexisting stone urns and pedestals in your site, be it a country estate or a château. They will be overflowing with fragrant roses and serve as a stunning floral centrepiece that you may replicate in miniature on the reception tables. Here, contemporary glass tabletop urns provide a striking contrast.

Decorations with gold tones

Every part of your reception table can be spruced up – including your plates and glasses! It’s as easy as renting some fancy chargers to set your plates on, or going for some glasses with gold trim. All of these details come together to create an extravagant look that’s appropriate for a wedding in a luxurious establishment.

Stylish plans with panache

The day when a seating chart was a printed placard on the wall are over. These days, they serve as a platform for the couple’s unique expression; the greatest ones are tailored to the wedding’s setting and theme. One example is the seating chart that was written onto a surfboard that had been painted with blackboard paint for a surf-themed wedding reception held in a tipi.

Photo displays

Repurpose the panels from old room dividers to make unique picture frames. You can use them for the seating chart, or just to tell everyone about how you two met and fell in love. Picture frames and cloth drapes are painted to coordinate with the room’s restful bland country colours.

Decorative ladders

Ladders can be decked up in a wide variety of ways to add sentimental and charming touches to your reception, including as a seating plan, a pretty spot to exhibit your bridesmaids’ posies, or even the frame for your very personal story. Because of their greater size, they are particularly useful for dividing up spaces in blank canvas settings.

Highlight featured furniture

When creating a showpiece for a room’s decor, less can indeed be more. Rather than haphazardly adorning the entire space, focus on making just one thing that will blow the minds of your guests. For a Pinterest-worthy touch, put a dresser made of aged wood full with flowers.