Best Asian Countries for Solo Trips in Summer

Asia is the largest continent in the world. The entire landmass is filled with countries with varying landscapes. This kind of scenario provides an eye-catching view of the tourists. When you are planning to travel solo in summer and looking out for cheap yet best places, point out these countries on the Asian map. 

  • Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is commonly known as Pearl in the Indian Ocean. The tiny island nation located just below India is one of the highly visited countries in the Southern part of Asia. The country is known to treat its guests like God. Especially, the female travellers find themselves at peace when they travel to Sri Lanka as they don’t have to worry regarding the safety issues. 

  • India 

India is one of the oldest countries in the world. If you are a history buff, then you should not think twice before planning for a trip to India. Despite being one single country, you can see a lot of diversity in every region. Multiple ethnicities, cultures, and religions coexist with each other. If you wish to experience real life, then jot down your travel agenda to India. 

  • Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest developed countries in the Southeast Asian region. The country is known all over the world for its super excellent governance and the development of tourism within a very short period. If you want to experience all the fun and gala in one single nation, then visit Singapore without any second thought. The flight rates aren’t expensive as well. 

  • Indonesia 

Indonesia is one of the best and cheapest countries to visit in the Southeast Asian part of the world. Bali is the top preferred destination for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon. The place is filled with nature’s bounty. Be it the lush green locales or the rich marine life that you can enjoy by taking part in different kinds of water sporting activities, Indonesia has it all. The people are very warm and friendly and the Hindu-Islam harmony existing in the country vouches for its rich history.

  • Maldives 

Looking forward to getting a Hawaii like experience in the Asian region, then you need to plan your trip to the Maldives. The place is dotted with several islands and one can choose to stay in one particular island and spend the entire weekend together, and if you have an urge of vaping, you can order some vape from when you have no idea where to go. 

  • Thailand 

One tends to connect Thailand synonymously with Pattaya and other kinds of glitz and glamour. But there is another side to Thailand which only a very few have taken time to notice. Remember the famous islands that featured in all of James Bond movies? The Phi Phi Islands is located very much in Thailand. A monarchical nation is known to keep up the rules and guard the travellers thus making it one of the best choices for solo travellers of any gender. 

These are the countries that you need to consider while planning your travel agenda to Asian countries. One of the biggest advantages of travelling to Asia is that most of the people can converse in English and language wouldn’t prove to be a problem.