An amazing travelling experience at Cancun

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Over the last years, Cancun has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The city receives the visit of over 6 million tourists every year. With some stunning monuments and paradisiac beaches, this city is a destination you can not miss on your next holidays.

Planning your Cancun trip

Cancun is located in the mexican state of Quintana Roo. The city is on the southeast coast of Mexico, which means that its shores are part of the Caribbean sea. When people think about a perfect holiday experience, they usually imagine themselves chilling out in the white sand of a Caribbean beach. Most Cancun visitors travel there because of its beaches, but Cancun is more than that. By planning your travel ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy the experience the city offers to its fullest.

The first thing that you need to figure out when you arrive to a foreign country is how to make your way out of the airport to your hotel. Public transportation in Mexico tends to not be very reliable, usually suffering of delays or last minute cancellations. Experts recommend renting a car or shuttle for a safe travel experience. Services like Car Rental Cancun offer free transportation from the airport to their offices, so you do not have to worry about moving around once you arrive to the country.  Car rentals have taxes already included on their fees and a insurance service that covers any possible problem you can have during your travel. 

It is also very important to decide the hotel where you are going to spend your stay in Cancun. Hiring a car rental service will allow you access to marvelous hotels further away from the city. If you want to enjoy a real Caribbean experience, you can not miss Isla Mujeres Hotels. We can find Isla Mujeres Island near the shores of Cancun. Over the last years, it has become a popular destination for tourists wanting to experience both, the mexican experience and the Caribbean island experience. One of the most famous hotels in this island is Hotel Casa de los Sueños. The hotel name can be translated as “Home of the dreams” and it suits its installations perfectly, since the hotel offers some amazing views of the Caribbean shores, spa treatments and a gourmet mexican experience on the hotel’s restaurant. 

Important spots you need to visit near Cancun

There are a lot of remarkable spots in the area near Cancun you can not miss during your visit. By using City Car Rental Cancun you will be able to get to some marvelous places like the Chichén Itzá mayan city. This historical place is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is nearly 1000 years old. It is located only two hours and 120 miles away from Cancun, making it a must visit. The most remarkable monument on this Mayan city is the Kukulcán pyramid, which stunning beauty will not disappoint you. 

Another place you can not miss during your travel is Tulum.  Located near Cancun, this Mayan city was built on top of a cliff and offers some of the most stunning beach views in the entire Caribbean.  However, visitors without a driver license can feel more restricted when it comes to accessing this area. Tulum Shuttle services are recommended for tourists that want to discover this area near Cancun but can not drive themselves.  Renting shuttle services is also a great option for those who do not feel comfortable driving on a foreign country or for travel groups. 

However, if you are looking for a more sea related place to visit you should check out the multiple alternatives Cancun offers. A good option is the XCaret water park. This park offer underwater experiences to its visitors, becoming a great alternative for those who want to discover the deeps of the ocean but do not have scuba diving knowledge.