Accommodation, Tourist And Business Travel: Going Around During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has been a life-changing event that is leaning towards the worst. Fortunately, there is a vaccine already available for the rest of the world. There is still the question of travelling since most people are afraid of the virus. The distribution might take weeks, and we do not know if the rest of the country will truly get it. However, it is already time for you to plan out your 2021, as we might have the chance to get out of our homes for a long time. 

Here in Australia, there are places that were severely hit by the virus. Bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne experienced breakouts even in the middle of the pandemic as you may read here. It became an issue in the tourism sector since they are the ones who were hit badly during the lockdown. As we are emerging from our habitats, it might already be changing. Some places are accepting tourists already but only from safer cities.

The Land Of Tasmania

Tasmania has been one of the major tourist spots here in Australia. However, many outsiders are not aware of its existence since most people do not go here for the islands. The most famous places like the Uluru and Sydney Opera Theatre, are on the mainland. You might not be even aware of the existence of this island unless you are a big fan of the Tasmanian Devil (Taz) from Looney Tunes. It is either that mascot or the famous biking tracks in the island’s forests. 

However, it is becoming one of the most recommended places to visit as of 2020. Aside from the forests, the cities are also bustling with life, creating a dynamic experience for travelers. You can have the nature reserves and biking tracks, but still enjoy places like Wrest Point and others like it in the city. The harbors and beaches are also filled with people during pre-COVID times. However, it is not as numerous compared to Perth and Gold Coast.

Even though there are so many activities that you can enjoy in these areas, you still need to be aware that the virus is still around. Unless the vaccine is already available, you need to stay vigilant and learn how to enjoy responsibly. It might not be the same as what you have expected, but you can take the situation differently. You are lucky enough to be in Tasmania as a tourist or business traveler, and it is time to give back to the community through following rules and regulations.

What You Should Do

  • Follow The News.

When it comes to any crisis like this, it is essential to follow the news in the local area. For one, they are the ones who will update the situation all the time. However, you do not need to be on TV or radio anymore unless you do not have an internet connection. You can register through apps like Google News and other online publications to deliver the news to you. The facts must be updated and verified so that you do not need to worry about it anymore.

  • Ask About Your Accommodations.

Suppose you are going to go out of your home for a vacation, always follow-up with your accommodations. Whether it is a hotel or B&B, see how they are handling their guests and staff. Are they strictly following the restrictions or more lax about it? They must follow the maximum rules, and you need to live with it. Otherwise, it might be a place wherein they are not taking the virus seriously and would affect your stay there.

  • Wear A Face Mask When Going Out In Public.

We understand that face masks can be a little fussy when worn all the time. Unless you are used to it, wearing something that covers your face is often irritating. However, it is needed if the local authorities are deeming it necessary before going out. Even though these masks are not perfect, they are still capable of filtering the virus away from your respiratory system. On the other hand, you might want to improve upon it by using high-grade face masks or using face shields. 

  • Have Alcohol Or Sanitizer Ready At All Times. 

Aside from masks, it would help if you learned how to sanitize yourself properly. Please wash your hands before letting it near your face. If there is no running water or soap nearby, then using rubbing alcohol is a great way to disinfect any area of the body. However, you only need to use a small amount at varying increments; most alcohol brands do dry up the skin. It is even worse now that the country is nearing summer and it will dehydrate your hands further according to this link:

  • Check For Storm Signals And Other Weather Conditions.

Meanwhile, Tasmania is still an island surrounded by the open sea. Even though there are fewer storms these days, heavy rain can still affect your trip. Some beaches close if there is the threat of a heavy rainstorm. Hail is also common in some places, while higher peaks may suffer from the occasional lightning strike. The waves are also affected during bad weather; you may want to swim by the pool rather than the sea.

We understand that some people cannot stop travelling even at this time. Some are managing international organizations, and they need to go back and forth between countries. On the other hand, some families want to escape the walls of their home for a short time. It might be a little dangerous, but the government is doing what it can to control it.

Meanwhile, we need to do our part as a citizen or resident of this country. The government can only do so much without the will and cooperation of the people. For this reason, we need to follow the rules that were set for our safety. It might be a minor infraction, but the consequences might be more significant than you thought. COVID-19 does not follow any rules for infection, and you need to be wise enough to handle it properly.