A Trip Back in Time to Baden-Baden

Photo Caption: Baden-Baden’s architecture is some of the most beautiful in Germany.
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Baden-Baden is a picturesque spa town in Germany, just on the border of the Black Forest. There are many things we look for in a trip away, often music, as in Germany’s unparalleled Oktoberfest, but also culture and history. Baden-Baden has the latter in spades, so setting off for a trip here was bound to be an amazing trip back in time. Here are some of the places any history lovers must visit on their trip to Baden-Baden

An Evening at the Kurhaus Casino

Photo caption: The Kurhaus is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside

Built in the late 1820s the Kurhaus Casino is one of the oldest casinos in the world. Although it gets nowhere near as much attention as the likes of the Casino de Monte Carlo, it’s actually nearly 40 years older. This venue is not just old though, it’s incredibly beautiful. Loved by architects for its striking columns and neo-classical design, it really does transport you to a whole different era. Once you step inside your jaw will drop at the sheer opulence of the decor. The walls are covered in ruby red, adorned with velvet tassels and lit by enormous crystal chandeliers. However spectacular the room might seem, look up and you’ll be even more impressed; the ceiling features an enormous fresco, dripping with gold. 

Of course, we’re not only here to look around. Whether you love nothing more than a spin of the online slot machines, or you prefer picking red or black at the roulette wheel, there’s something to take the fancy of every gamer here. The tables games are what the Kurhaus Casino is best known for. They have a huge variety but the roulette tables are generally the most popular. If you’re new to the game then take a while to understand roulette strategies first, there are many factors that can affect your strategy according to VSO, including things like minimum and maximum stakes. Take your time to understand the nuances fully and you’ll be able to game the night away with confidence.

Visit the Caracalla Spa

There are two main spas in Baden-Baden, but the Caracalla Spa is certainly the most relaxing. This enormous spa covers more than 4,000 square metres, plenty of space to soak. The spa itself is Roman-styled and the impressive columns make a beautiful backdrop for a relaxing afternoon. What about this time traveling weekend though? Roman styled is all very well, but is it actually old? Well, the ancient thing about the Caracalla Spa is the water itself. 

The healing waters here have been bubbling up to the surface for more than two millennia. The water is particularly special because of the unique combination of minerals that are found here. It comes from around 2000 metres below the surface of the Earth, which helps it reach temperatures of 68°C. This heat makes the pools a magical place to visit in winter. Bathers can swim in the outdoor pools and remain perfectly comfortable, watching the steam rise from the surface, as snow is all around. If you’d like a magical and healing afternoon, then there’s no better pool to lounge in.

Eat at Cafe Koenig

There are few restaurants that can boast a 250 year history, but Cafe Koenig can. Entering this incredible cafe is like stepping back in time. The interiors are kitsch, decorated with peach and pink. Gilt framed mirrors adorn the walls and even the crockery is decorative. If you like pared back minimalism, then perhaps Cafe Koenig isn’t for you, but if you can get behind adornment, decoration and showiness then treat yourself to something sweet here.

Whilst the interior design is more than enough to draw the crowds, the cakes, sweets and drinks on offer are truly special. There’s a strong tradition of coffee and cake taken at around 4pm, so treat yourself to a Black Forest Gateau and a milky coffee. The cake will come served on a silver platter, topped with soft mounds of whipped cream and delicious dark chocolate shavings. If you’ve less of a sweet tooth, then you can pick as little as a single chocolate to enjoy with a drink. The pralines are famous around town. 

Live Like Royalty at Hohenbaden Castles

There’s no better way to round off a historic weekend than with a castle. Something about crumbling stone buildings truly transports you to another time. The Hohenbaden castles can be found on top of the hills encircling the town, with three castles guarding from every direction. The Oberburg is the oldest part of the castle and dates back to the 12th century. It sits right at the top of the site and although it is now in ruins, it’s an incredibly popular tourist destination thanks to the incredible views of the town. Come here for a sunset to perfectly round off your vacation.