9 Reasons Why You Should Get A React.js Certification

With the internet becoming widely accessible, more and more businesses are shifting their operations online and consequently front end web development has risen in popularity. There has been a rising demand for people with the knowledge of tools and platforms that allow faster and more efficient development of web applications. 

React.js is one such offering which has risen to prominence of late, thanks to its intuitive design and quality of life features that make it much easier to use. React.js in itself is not a platform, it is rather a JavaScript library that was developed by the engineers at Facebook and Instagram. Developers with React Training are highly sought after in today’s market.

Listed below are 9 advantages that React.js has over other development platforms.

  1. It is simple and easy to use

The most important factor that elevates React.js over other similar offerings is the fact that no major prerequisite is required to work on it. React simply is a JavaScript library and 

 a basic understanding of JavaScript is sufficient to start learning and using React.js. Additionally, it uses a special JavaScript syntax JSX which allows you to mix HTML and JavaScript code in an efficient and easy way.

2. Faster Rendering

DOM (document object model) is an application programming interface. it is basically an interface to the HTML document. It is used by JavaScript programs to modify various aspects to a page based on user entry. The problem with traditional DOM’s is that it takes a significant amount of time to process and render the changes. React.js overcomes this problem by employing a virtual DOM that enables React to isolate and render only those components that have been affected.

3. Ease of Transition

If you are coming into React.js after working on other platforms, you will find the switch to the new platform much easier. Since React is just a JavaScript library, no time or resources are needed to be spent in modifying your systems to be compatible with React, as they already are. React code can also be integrated into the existing system without having to stop operations for the sake of maintenance.

4. Easy Bug Testing

React with its dedicated debugging mechanism is able to isolate and analyze UI errors and bugs, and identify the faulty components that are causing them. React uses the browser itself to put out data on the faulty code, or section of the website that needs correction. This makes identifying and fixing bugs much easier for the developers.

5. React is SEO friendly

Traditionally apps developed using JavaScript framework are notorious for not being SEO friendly, this had led to several search engines not being able to read JavaScript-heavy apps. React however is free of any such problems as React while running on the server can  render the data in its virtual DOM and return it to the browser as a webpage. This allows developers to create a JavaScript-based app that can be accessed through various search engines. 

6. React allows code recycling

React allows developers to reuse old code to develop new apps, without having to significantly alter the whole system. Since React works in a modular manner certain components can be reused without affecting the function of other components. This saves time and money for developers who are constantly developing new and engaging apps.

7. For Mobile App development

React can be used to develop mobile applications. With the React Native platform, app development in mobile phones using JavaScript has once again become possible. React allows for the development of cross-platform apps that work on both Android as well as Apple devices. Earlier developers had to write two separate programs for these platforms. Now, using React, one is sufficient.

8. React Developer Toolset

React.js comes with a bunch of developer tools that make building apps using it much easier. Almost all institutes that offer a React JS Course, include these tools in their curriculum. These tools include the likes of the debugger and the design tools. Additionally, the React Development Tools plugin for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox help the developers in monitoring the operations of different components of the app.

9. Strong Community Support

Like many other app development suites, React.js too has a large community of developers and companies supporting it. Developers using the platform can always count on the support of engineers at Facebook and Instagram, along with the 1100 contributors on the React Github repository.