9 Genius Hacks to Make Camping with Your Kids More Fun

our kids camping is one of the best experiences that you can give them. Of course, having your children along on the trip can also make things a tad bit more complicated. This article will guide you with everything that you need to do – from bringing the right tent and packing the right gear – to making this the most fun camping trip ever! 

Pick the Perfect Tent 

There are a couple of factors that you need to think about when selecting a tent for your family. First, naturally, you need plenty of space for everyone to have their individual sleeping spots. At the same time, it needs to be segregated and airy so that your kids can move around a bit and not feel so confined. Thus, it is important to select a nice, big family tent with screened porch. Having all of this added space will certainly help to prevent everyone from getting on each other’s nerves. 

Keep Them Warm 

As you are well aware, a cold child is an unhappy one. And, when you are out camping, there is a greater chance that your kid will get chilly, especially at night. So, one of your main jobs will be to keep them toasty and comfortable. To begin with, make sure that you take sleeping bags that are well-rated for warmth. Remember, you need to buy those that are specifically kid-sized. Otherwise, they will not keep your children sufficiently warm. Then, make sure to dress your little ones in layers. This way, you can put on or take off clothes depending on the temperature throughout the night. 

Take Familiar Things 

When camping, you only want to bring the bare minimum with you. After all, the whole point is to rough it out in the wilderness. If you have very young kids, however, you will have to make a few exceptions. This is especially true in the case of “comfort” or “safety” animals, blankets, toys, or objects. Since your little one will need to adjust to new sleeping arrangements, having a familiar and much-loved item can make the transition easier. Not to mention, it may help you to get some much-needed shuteye as well. 

Light Things Up 

There are many reasons why you should light things up around your campsite. For one thing, your kids may not be used to the pitch darkness you will experience when you camp outdoors. Lighting can help to solve this issue. On the other hand, lights can be a beautiful way to add some wonder to the whole trip. So, get some fairy lights, lanterns, and other lighting sources and string them up with your kids. If your child is used to sleeping with a night light, come up with a creative lighting solution inside your family tent as well. 

Have Fun with Campfire Recipes 

One of the most enjoyable parts of camping – for kids, in particular – is all the food! It is exciting for a number of different reasons. To begin with, it is cooked in a cool, new way. On top of this, you are forced to get creative with your meals. So, why not increase the fun factor even more by making kid-friendly recipes? Let your kids help out by grilling foods on a stick or putting together their individual foil meals. As you can imagine, s’mores are a time-honored tradition that you simply can’t ignore.  

Set Up Outdoor Adventures 

The whole point of camping is to be outdoors. So, make it a point to plan as many outdoor activities as possible. Now, if you are camping near a popular camping site, make sure to do some research on any trips or outings that might be offered. If not, make up your own. From hiking to “tracking” animals to bird watching, the opportunities are endless. If you don’t want structured playtime, simply let them run around or climb trees. You will be surprised by how much fun kids can have when they only have their imaginations to rely on. Just make it a point to keep your kids outside and moving for most of the day. 

Teach Survival Skills 

Kids today don’t learn much in the way of survival skills. After all, there is no need to! Nevertheless, it is important to teach them some important skills. And there is no place more perfect to do this than in the wilderness. For smaller kids, it could be as simple as figuring out how to use a compass on a hike. You can teach older children how to start a fire with basic materials. Kids of all ages can easily learn how to fashion a fishing rod out of things found in the woods and give fishing a try. You can guarantee that your kids will love learning all of these new tricks, even if they never have cause to use them. 

Plan for Rainy Days 

There is a good chance that it may rain while you are camping. Now, this isn’t the ideal situation when you have kids as they can get bored and grumpy rather quickly. If you got a tent with a porch, though, some of your problems can be solved. Create a separate entertainment spot here, complete with chairs and a portable table. Then, set up board games so that your kids can stay occupied until the rain passes. You can also pack a few favorite toys for just such an occasion. Try to avoid bringing screens into the equation unless absolutely necessary. 

Take it Easy 

When you see your kids smearing themselves with melted marshmallows and playing in the dirt, it can cause your parenting instincts to go into overdrive. However, this is a time for fun so don’t nag them about everything they are doing. Instead, allow them to explore and enjoy the outdoors exactly as you intended for them. After all, they will only have the opportunity to do this right now. They can go back to following rules when they are back in civilization again. Furthermore, taking it easy allows you to enjoy your camping trip as well and this is just as important! 

As you can see, camping with kids can be incredibly fun. The next time you are planning on heading out into the wilderness, make sure to keep these hacks in mind. They will ensure that your camping trip is interesting, exciting, and comfortable to boot. In fact, you may just end up ensuring that your kids will become camping enthusiasts for life!