5 Must-Try Foods in L.A. You Should Eat Before You Die

Lights, camera, napkin! If you’re heading to LA, come with an empty stomach. With 29,560 restaurants located throughout the city, there’s plenty to indulge in when visiting Los Angeles.

But with so many tasty options, where should you start? We’ve narrowed down five must-try foods in LA, so read on to learn more.

1. Wake up With a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

Start your day the LA way by indulging in a breakfast burrito. The burritos are made using eggs, plenty of cheese, and well-seasoned chorizo. Most of these breakfast delights are also loaded with avocado, salsa, onions, and breakfast potatoes. 

If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast burrito around Los Angeles, it’s not hard to find a place selling them. Burrito Bomba in San Fernando Valley serves up hot breakfast burritos from a small parking lot while Jugos Azteca in northern LA sells burritos with a side of grilled jalapeños. 

2. Look out for LA Hot Dogs

The city of angels is known for more than celebrities and beaches. If you’re wondering what are the best things to eat in LA, the answer is an LA hot dog (also known as a dirty dog or a danger dog).

Start with a normal hot dog and wrap it in bacon. Add grilled jalapeños, peppers, and onions. Don’t forget your mayo, ketchup, and mustard. Finish your delicious LA meal by sliding it into a fresh hot dog bun.

If you’re longing for a dirty dog, just follow your nose. The aroma of bacon, grilled onions, and fresh jalapeños are known for attracting hungry pedestrians.

3. Enjoy a Taste of Philly in LA

Is it possible to get a decent cheesesteak on the West Coast? It is! While a gourmet hoagie or greasy cheesesteak may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine LA cuisine, nothing is impossible in Southern California.

Boo’s has become a well-known LA hotspot for cheesesteak lovers. The family-run business has roots in Germantown, so they know how to put together an authentic Philly cheesesteak. When someone asks where to get a cheesesteak in LA, the locals know the only answer is Boo’s.

If you’re in LA, try a Boo’s cheesesteak for yourself by visiting them at these locations

4. Treat Your Sweet Tooth to a Wow-Nut

Your sweet tooth is in for a surprise when you’re in LA. One of the most unique things to eat in Los Angeles is the Wow-Nut. Part waffle, part donut, the hybrid dessert is a true masterpiece.

DK’s in Santa Monica is the inventor of the waffle-donut hybrid dessert. Doughnut dough is pressed in a traditional waffle maker, deep-friend, and finished with a variety of gourmet toppings.

The original Wow-Nut is served with cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, and strawberries. You can also get creative and top yours with vanilla glaze, rainbow sprinkles, or cream cheese frosting. 

5. Feast on French Dip

The French dip sandwich was born in Los Angeles. Philippe’s, located on Alameda Street in Los Angeles, claims to be the original creators of the French dip phenomena.

A French dip consists of thinly sliced roast beef placed on a baguette. It’s typically topped with Swiss cheese and onions. The sandwiches come with a side of au jus, or beef broth, for dipping. It’s one of the best things to try while in LA.

Must-Try Foods in LA and More

There’s a lot to do in LA, but, more importantly, there’s a lot to eat. Now that you know the must-try foods in LA, get yourself on a plane and indulge in the city’s unique cuisine. 

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