5 Best beaches of California you must visit

Picturesque view of footpath with wooden railings leading to sandy shore of turquoise water

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Are you a sea-worshiping, sunbathing, sand-rolling, and unapologetic beach bum? Then, California deserves a top spot on your bucket list if you’re an ardent explorer of tropical wonderlands. The Golden State is home to an abundance of beaches brimming with silky white sand and azure waters.

Some beach lovers wish to enjoy seclusion and tranquility to spend their days lazing under the sun and bathing in the ocean. Others prefer crowded beaches lined with fine dining establishments, delicious seafood, and beachside raves. So, we prepared an exciting roundup of the best Californian beaches to delight all kinds of beach bummers.

Here, take a look:

  • Malibu

Malibu is the ultimate treasure trove of beaches that offer entertainment, seclusion, tranquility, and gastronomic seafood experiences. Do you want to explore the Californian terrain or lounge comfortably while basking in the sun and sipping fruity cocktails? Malibu has the perfect beach to delight everyone!

This Southern Californian destination is brimming with beaches of all shapes and sizes. Zuma Beach is incredibly popular for its vast expanse and attracts sunbathers and sand loungers. The Point Dume State Beach is another spectacular gem famous for its eclectic energy and stunning landscape.

Jetsetters and affluent travelers head over to the Puerco Beach and the Malibu Colony Beach, lined with extravagant waterfront villas. Luckily, the average traveler can also enjoy a delightful waterfront experience without breaking the bank. Travelers can get a Malibu beach house rental to enjoy a glorious summer in this tropical paradise.

Suppose you’re traveling with your family and children or a large group of friends. In that case, renting an entire beach house makes sense to ensure comfort and affordability. In addition, the nearby mountains and breathtaking beaches will keep you busy with rip-roaring adventures all summer long.

  • Moonstone Beach

Here’s the perfect tropical abode for serenity-seekers: Moonstone Beach. Moonstone Beach is one of the wildest, most unfiltered, and uncrowded beaches on the Central Coast. It’s strikingly different from the beaches one finds in the south, and amazingly so.

Moonstone is surrounded by rocky and jagged cliffs, creating an idyllic and wild setting for soul-searching and meditation. The beach is brimming with tiny and smooth pebbles, refined and polished by the water to create an ornamental charm. Travelers and locals enjoy strolling on the lovely boardwalk that stretches over a mile.

Nothing is more rejuvenating than strolling along the water and collecting beautiful pebbles and colorful stones. You can also enjoy some great marine life, such as whales and sea otters. Moonstone Beach is also famous amongst avid birdwatchers, for an array of exotic birds visits it.

  • Laguna Beach

The ultimate destination to fulfill the Californian beach fantasy, Laguna beach is surrounded by vibrant greenery. The area is brimming with abundant beauty, from lush hillsides to splendid coastal parks. Thus, one can find the perfect beach to match one’s inner yearnings for solitude or festivity.

The nearby town is a must-have experience, enveloping and embracing tourists with its vibrant community spirit. The town has spectacular art and history culture, and you will find yourself spending more time here than on the beach. All you have to do is stroll down the streets, and you will feel exalted and awed at every turn. You see, the town streets are home to over 100 art pieces donated to the public, scattered throughout the area.

  • Seabright Beach

A delightfully picturesque beach tucked near the Santa Cruz Harbor, Seabright beckons with its delicate white sand. It borders the main Santa Cruz Beach, offering serenity-seekers a more tranquil and peaceful environment. The vast expanse creates an artful setting of white sand stretching between the harbor and the natural wall dividing the ocean. The setting will leave you awe-struck, admiring the craftiness of Mother Nature.

There’s a lovely little park nearby on East Cliff Drive, and travelers adore the scenic Walton Lighthouse. You can take your furry friend for strolls on Seabright Beach, as long as you keep a tight leash.

  • Pfeiffer Beach

One of the most stunning and picture-perfect beaches in California, Pfeiffer Beach is unbelievably enchanting. It’s one of the beaches that travelers can easily access to enjoy the stunning landscape of Big Sur. Pfeiffer Beach is tucked at a 10-mile distance from the Andrew Molera State Park.

The beach impresses the onlookers with its rugged cliffs and unusually majestic series of rock formations. Serenity-seekers flock to this tropical haven to carve out seclusion and enjoy spiritual reflection. Sunset is the ultimate golden hour to enjoy this beach in its most mesmerizing form. The colors are utterly and insanely stunning, and the setting is idyllic and romantic.

We urge you to head over to Keyhole Rock and explore the fascinating tide pools. Be sure to collect gems and pebbles; It is famous for its distinctively polished stones. However, bear in mind that Pfeiffer beach is declared unsafe for swimming.


This roundup is by no means exhaustive, for the Golden State is brimming with a treasure trove of stunning beaches. We urge you to head out and explore so that you can find the perfect beach for your sunbathing rituals. Many beaches are near national and coastal parks, offering an abundance of outdoor activities and adventures.