Zion National Park Captures Utah’s Beauty

Looking for a great getaway? Then head on over to Utah to visit the beautiful Zion National Park. It is full of breathtaking views and is a great place to hike. Southwest Utah is stunning and Zion captures all of the beauty, oh and do not forget to grab those binoculars!


Courtesy of travel.aarp.org

Zion is known for its beautiful sandstone cliffs that happen to be shades of cream, rose, pink and red. A wide variety of plants and animals call Zion home. Actually, there are over 200 species of birds in the park, so it makes for a great place to bird watch.

There are four life zones present at Zion. They include desert, riparian, woodland and coniferous forest. There is plenty to do at Zion and is a fun time for the whole family. You can go backpacking, cycling, hiking, rock climbing and much more. Horseback riding is also available from March to October.


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Zion has a lot of options for camping. There are plenty of spots at campgrounds or at the Zion Lodge. The lodge is located about halfway up to Zion Canyon. Camping at Zion is an experience and something that everyone should do. You can rest before hiking up the scenic mountains. Horse Ranch Mountain is around 8,700 feet high and is the largest point at Zion.

The enchanting park has some crazy weather from time to time. The springtime is usually full of unpredictable weather. A lot of storms pass through during this time and Zion sees heavy rainfall usually in the month of March. The heavy rain does lead to the blooming of beautiful flowers from April to July though. Summer is full of hot days and beautiful nights, but there is potential for monsoons during this time. The fall brings calm, clear and mild days with cool nights. So depending on what type of weather you are looking to camp in, Zion offers it all.