Why Do We Love The Irish So Much?

ObamaWe’ve been sitting around now for some time now. Racking our brains. Trying to think of someone. Just someone to add to the list of one. But no, it’s not happening, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. There is no Irish person in the public eye that we dislike apart from that one. It’s a culture that’s impossible not to like.

For those wondering – and we’re sure you’re not – that list of one is of course Bono. The only Irishman that is dislikeable.

The people are part of a culture which is infectious. It’s seen Obama raise a Guinness and the Chicago River dyed green every year. It’s the reason millions flock to Dublin every year to get a taste of Irish life.

But what does Irish life taste like? Apart from slightly iron-y with a hint of roasted barley?

IrelandWell it’s certainly free-spirited, with a lively and friendly atmosphere. It’s why people love the accent so much. It’s joyous. In fact, an independent survey by Ladbrokes found that Irish was in fact the UK’s favourite accent, and it’s no real surprise.

Head over to Dublin and you’ll be greeted in the bars – a real Irish pastime – with open arms. The pub culture of Ireland is one renowned throughout the world. There’s nothing quite like a traditional Irish boozer.

A more relaxed atmosphere than other cultures around the world, you’ll often find a fiddle being played or Irish folk, the dulcet tones of Galway Girl or Whiskey In The Jar seeping from the corner of the room.

Of course in Dublin that once bred huge amounts of creativity, with the Irish capital being the heart of renowned literature in Europe alongside Edinburgh.

IrishThe likes of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and Bram Stoker all found inspiration in the city (not to mention Bono), and their influence can still be found right throughout the city, particularly in the Trinity College Library, where the Book of Kells are also housed.

What’s perhaps most infectious about the culture however is the warmth the country gives off. Walk down any high street and you’ll be greeted kindly. Everything is hearty, from the Guinness they serve to the drams of whiskey, to the Irish stews that the nation is built on.

And the best think of all, Bono now spends much of his time touring, so if you visited, you wouldn’t even bump into him. We love Ireland.