Why a Private Tour is Your Best Choice for China

Photo byDiem Nhi Nguyen onUnsplash

Taking a private tour when visiting any country has plenty of advantages, but if you want to experience the best that China has to offer whilst on holiday there, then a private tour is definitely the way to go. It’s not as expensive as many westerners may expect, and that’s because the economies of their home countries offer a decent exchange rate. At these prices, there is little reason not to take a private tour, especially when compared to the other options.

Private Tour Vs. Independent Travel

Many of us prefer the feeling of independence when we’re on holiday, not being dictated to by rigid schedules and itineraries. That is all very good and well, but when visiting China don’t forget there is a massive language barrier. Unless you are well versed in the local language, you’ll have an extremely hard time communicating your needs, as well as understanding information. Even the numbering system is written in Chinese script, so imagine trying to figure out a bus or train schedule – it’s pretty hard to figure out where the departures are going, and when.

Yet, a private tour offers so much more than a language translation service. Your private guide is your key to the local customs and culture, as well as knowledgeable about all travel information. Most private tours will offer transport included so that you don’t have to worry about making any of those arrangements. That sounds like a luxury when you’re on a short trip to a foreign land and just want to relax on your holiday.

If you’re still worried about loss of independence, then you should know that a private tour will offer you your own personalised itinerary. You call the shots on where you want to go, and when; yet, you’re hiring the services of a knowledgeable and useful local guide.

Private Tours Vs Group Tours

Group tours are very popular for people on holiday, and the Chinese themselves are very fond of them. That’s because they offer set routes to famous tourist sites, and transport visitors to these places, along with a tour guide to provide commentary. However, many of these tours can feel overcrowded, where you are required to travel in cramped conditions, and then you are taken to places where there are already hordes of people.

For only a fraction of the cost more, you can get your own private tour and choose exactly where you want to go, and at what time. You can also travel in much more comfort. You don’t have to wait around for slower members of the group or be hurried up when you’re stopping to view something interesting. You can ask your guide to change your itinerary to suit you. That also means eating the food at places you choose, at the time you want, when you take China private tours.

The Benefits

A private China tour can offer you incomparable personal care, services, flexibility and a sense of control that is similar to independent travel but with a lot of the hassle taken out of it.

As we also mentioned, many western travellers can take advantage of the relatively low cost too, which is a bonus. A further bonus is that if you are travelling with children, then a private tour is more suitable to include attractions that would interest your kids, which would usually not be covered by a group tour, and may be difficult to get to via independent travel arrangements.