What’s the Weather at Ultra Like?

What's the Weather at Ultra Like?

What’s the Weather at Ultra Like?┬áThere’s a good reason Miami is well known for its relaxing conditions.

The average high temperature around Ultra is 79 – 82 degrees Farenheit with a low of 64 – 68 degrees. The average rainfall, something not terribly uncommon to the Flordia coast, is 2.47 – 3.14 inches around this time of year.

If you don’t mind minor humidity in the early afternoon, Ultra Music Festival has some of the best weather throughout the major festival circuit. Florida doesn’t really deal in any extreme weather conditions, but Ultra fits in nicely just before the warmer summer months.

Ultra is yet another festival that has its fashion heavily influenced by the weather. Happily, there’s no real need to sacrifice or consider additional layers here — evenings in Miami are cooler than other music festivals you might have attended but they’re certainly pleasant. You might find yourself feeling legitimately chilly if you’re hanging out solo in the VIP area, in all seriousness.

Plenty of people move to Miami for the weather alone. That’s a winning formula when it comes to hosting a 3 day EDM festival every year in March. We’re sure you’ll agree.

But hey, talking about weather is boring. Let’s relive an Ultra Fest of yesteryear– it should answer some of your questions.