What’s the Weather at Bonnaroo Like?

What’s the Weather at Bonnaroo Like?

Asking yourself what’s the weather at Bonnaroo like? Buckle up for the three H’s – hazy, hot and humid.

Music festivals have a reputation for being incredibly hot. Bonnaroo fits that mold certainly, but also takes the form of another devil – the inescapable element of humidity. Festival goers accustom to blinding temperatures in California and Arizona will struggle the hardest, overwhelming humidity relatively unheard of in that part of the country.

If there’s any possible recourse, it’s that the region also is susceptible to thunderstorms. It’s very possible intense thunderstorms might roll through the venue grounds and cool off festival attendants, but it’s a double edged sword here. When the rain inevitably clears, stifling humidity will run rampant.

Keep your safety in mind when attending Bonnaroo, the weather requires you to pay close attention to your personal hydration. The humidity can be deceptive in terms of tracking this – remember to take in an adequate amount of water despite how you might be feeling.

We certainly don’t make Bonnaroo out to seem anything less than remarkable, but it’s worth mentioning that the majority of afternoon can present some serious discomfort for those sensitive to weather conditions.