What’s the EDC crowd like?

What’s the EDC crowd like? The People Behind the Largest EDM Fest

what is the edc crowd like?

We’ve received the question, ‘What’s the crowd at EDC like?’, more than a few times.

Electric Daisy Carnival is considered the fanatical EDM fan’s version of this festival genre. While the clientele is diverse as attributed to the sheer amount of festival attendants, you can bet a healthy majority of the crowd lives and breathes electronic dance music. For all intents and purposes, EDC is perhaps the largest traditional version of a rave occurring annually.

With the otherwise diehard EDM mentality in play, it’s worth mentioning that the casual fan might not find a home here. In fact, many first time EDC attendees are turned off from the prevalent rave culture that seems to rule out here. If you’re the easy roller type, EDC can be a seriously fun excursion. If you’re a little more conservative, we recommend testing the waters of smaller festivals like HARD beforehand.

The EDC crowd is unlike any other in the country — a diverse collection of people that have a genuine passion for the music being played. Whether you’re new to the scene or a die hard EDM fanatic, there’s a place here for you. Electric Daisy Carnival is a party from dusk til dawn and there’s otherwise not a finer sea of people to spend the time with.