What to see in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located at the south of Spain. Gibraltar’s landscape key feature is the mountain Rock of Gibraltar, with the small town of Gibraltar (with only 32000 habitants) located at its feet. The city is a mixture of cultures; nearly a million tourists decide to visit this city every year, many deciding to stay due to the city’s charm and tax benefits. 

Exploring Gibraltar and its surrounding areas

Gibraltar is a city with so much to discover. But the best thing about it, is its idyllic location. Gibraltar may be a British overseas territory, but its location at the south of Spain allows its visitors to discover two countries during the trip and get the best out of the experience. Therefore, if you are thinking about visiting Gibraltar during your next holidays, we strongly recommend that you car hire Gibraltar

Renting a car in Gibraltar will allow you to move freely around the town, and, once you are done with it, you will be able to visit the nearby Spanish coastal towns, which are famous tourist destinations on their own. Because of this, renting companies like Espacar have been gaining notoriety in the city thanks to the quality of the service they provide.

Espacar’s offices are located at walking distance of  Gibraltar airport, which means that you will be able to be on the move right after you land. It is also worth to mention that fueling a car in Gibraltar is cheaper than in other places in the world, since fuel is VAT exempt. And unlike other companies, Espacar does not make you pay additional insurance plans when visiting Spanish territories, which makes renting a car one of the most budget friendly options.

The perfect holiday experience

Gibraltar may be a small city, but it does not lack charm. By planning your trip with enough time ahead, you will be able to enjoy the perfect day trip to Gibraltar. Down below you will be able to find a list of locations we can not stop recommending for your visit:

  • Casemates Square: this stunning square is the heart of Gibraltar. It is surrounded by walls and it was originally used with military purposes. This square was designed by the arabs and used as a place to display the public executions during their reign. Nowadays, this square has left its dark past behind and is full of life. Here you will be able to enjoy local pubs, amazing restaurants and the best coffee shops. 
  • Main Street: this is Gibraltar’s main shopping street. On this beautiful street you will be able to find all the goodies Gibraltar has to offer, all VAT exempt. But this street is more than shops, on it you will be able to find Gibraltar’s mixture of cultures at its finest. Back at the XVIII century, 35% of Gibraltar’s population was Genovese, and this is reflected on this street architecture. On saturday evenings, this street is visited by orthodox jew families. On this street you can also find the Gibraltar Parliament and the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned. 
  • Europa Point: this is the southern point UK has on the mediterranean sea. From it you are able to see Morocco’s shores. There is a white and red lighthouse on it (the colours of Gibraltar’s flag), and this lighthouse is the only one in the world managed by the Trinity House outside Great Britain. 

The Rock of Gibraltar: there is so much to discover in the emblematic mountain that crowns Gibraltar. On its natural reserve we will able to see Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey reserve in the entire European continent. Here you will also be able to enjoy the views of the stunning St Michael’s Cave. If you want to stare into the city and the Moroccan coast, you can visit the Skywalk lookout, which has a glass floor for better views. We recommend that you end up your visit to The Rock by paying your respects on the World War II Tunnels and jew’s Gate Cemetery.