What Are Some Red Flags When Searching for a Job in 2018?

If you are looking for a job in 2018, you have a lot of options for approaching the market, but that can also mean you have a lot of opportunities to make mistakes. It’s important to remember to value your own time and respect yourself the way you show respect to potential employers, and that means learning to spot early signs that your recruiting company or potential employer might not be a good fit for you.

Early Warning Signs

  • Companies with a philosophy of hiring the lowest priced candidate
  • Interviewers who want to talk salary concerns first, showing that this might be a screening mechanism before talent in considered
  • Poor communication or other signs that the company does not respect candidates’ time or energy, including rescheduled interviews and extremely short deadlines
  • Interviewers do not give candidates the opportunity to talk to other employees or to see company operations in real time during the interview process
  • Negative information in the news about companies, especially labor-related information
  • The employer projects an attitude of not needing or valuing the candidate, or of having “enough” applicants

These warning signs can show that a company is looking for cheap labor without providing a path upward, or even that it is only hiring to fill the position and not to develop an employee. Unfortunately, some top recruiting companies have embraced high turnover, and others lose their way at times due to changes in management needs and style. There are a couple ways to sidestep employers like these, though.

Working With Top Recruiting Companies

Financial recruiters in Chicago work with some of the biggest firms, filling positions that are never available on the open job market. They screen candidates and sometimes work with them through a series of interim jobs until they develop into the best candidate for a top position, and they provide vetting and headhunting services that allow companies to interview candidates they know will fit their needs. That lets them focus on having the best people.

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