Weather at Hard Summer

Weather at Hard Summer: EDM Evenings in the Desert

hard summer weather

Curious about what the weather at Hard Summer is like? If you’ve ever spent a summer in California, you have a pretty good idea.

*Updated Forecast for the Weekend

Friday – 77 | 61 °F, partly cloudy conditions

Saturday – 77 | 63 °F, partly cloudy conditions

Sunday – 75 | 55 °F, partly cloudy conditions

Monday – 81 | 59 °F, partly cloudy conditions

Hard Summer is held in August so I would suggest your basic summer clothes. So for guys shorts and a tank top.  For the  most ladies can even just wear a bathing suit if they are feeling up to it. The festival does not get scorching hot but it’s a good idea to drink a lot of water before getting inside because water bottles cost about $4 a pop. Comfort is key here, the evenings are slightly chilly but entirely manageable without the extra layering involved. Dress for success when choosing your outfit — we suggest keeping the accessories to a respectable level, lest you become one of ‘those guys’.

Put up with the relative heat during the midst of the afternoon and you’re golden the rest of the way. Personally we found the worst parts to be drudging through the cattle lines of security during the sweltering afternoon. The dust and close proximity to fanatical EDM heads makes the slow trek rather uncomfortable. It’s certainly not the type of thing to avoid attending the festival on time, however. Plan accordingly.