Want to Visit Port Canaveral? Than Choose Only Orlando Limo Luxury Car Rental Service

When you go for a family trip or a business meeting, you always in search of best luxury transportation service. The system of transport services includes the transportation of passengers who are employees of large companies and companies, the delivery of mail and other luggage. Somehow, the implementation of other types of transportation carried out for economic and commercial purposes. Any firm, enterprise or organization can take advantage while getting the Orlando limo luxury transportation services.

Arriving in Orlando after a long flight, you want to quickly get to the hotel. Unfortunately, the public transportation system in Orlando is not so developed and it is almost impossible to get the best car rental service from the airport to the hotel. So, it is quite better to choose Orlando limo car rental service directly from the airport. However, Orlando limo offers personal transport services directly from the Port of Canaveral. Additionally, you can order a comfortable transport service that is cars, minibusses, and large tour buses.

Orlando International Airport is 45 miles away from the Port Canaveral, so it is better to choose the car rental service from Orlando limo to Port Canaveral.  Meanwhile, the city of Orlando is primarily famous for its amusement parks, where families with children from all over the world come. Orlando limo also provides transport services around the city like transfers to the port of Canaveral.

What to see in the port of Canaveral on a cruise?

Today, the Port of Canaveral considers as the 2nd place in the world in terms of passenger turnover. Every year, millions of people come to visit the Port Canaveral. Six terminals can enter up to 15 vessels simultaneously. Despite its huge size, it’s quite easy to navigate. At the entrance to the port, large signs inform about the direction of movement to a specific liner.

Meanwhile, about 4.5 million revenue-earning passengers are on board each year. This makes Canaveral one of the busiest but at the same time, it is the least tight cruise ports in the world. Many passengers visit Orlando and its amusement parks. But there are also other attractive places like

– The Cocoa Beach is the deservedly known strip of the Atlantic coast, with the entertainment like beach volleyball, surfing, sunbathing, wonderful fishing.

– Cape Canaveral Lighthouse.

– The Kennedy Space Center is the most famous landmark in the area of Cocoa Beach, nicknamed “Space Coast”. In a complex and to museum excursions are regularly spent.

– The Patrick air base is the nearest Cosmodrome from which unmanned missiles and satellites are launched

What to see in the surroundings of the port of Canaveral?

In this area, you cannot go without a car, so if you don’t have a car, then it is compulsory to hire the service of Orlando limo to the port of Canaveral is important. Distances are large, interesting objects are dispersed, and trips by taxi are expensive. Here are some surrounding attractions like:

1. Orlando with nearby amusement parks and resorts is one of the largest tourist destinations.

2. Next to the International Drive is the Universal Orlando Resort, which consists of two amusement parks, three hotels, and a large shopping area.

3. SeaWorld is a marine attraction park in Orlando, where there is Kraken (the largest roller coaster in the area) and Believe is a completely new killer whale show.

4. Approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Orlando is the famous Walt Disney World. It consists of four amusement parks, two water parks, dozens of hotels, three shopping and restaurant areas, eight golf courses and many other elements. This is the largest private tourist place on the planet.

5. Not far from Disney World, like the Crocodile Capital of the World and do not forget about the water park Wet ‘N Wild, located directly on the International Drive.

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