Ultra Music Festival Food Vendors and Prices

Ultra Music Festival Food Vendors and Prices

Here’s what to expect with Ultra Music Festival food vendors and prices in 2014.

Whether we’re talking Strawberry Fields fresh blended fruit or the Bali Kitchen and their assortment of delicious sesame ginger tofu, there’s festival food for everyone at UMF.

The east coast does an exceptional job at providing for our vegetarian and vegan friends, many carnivores actually opting for the lighter tastier options as well.

Expect all the basic festival varieties at Ultra 2014 — corn dogs, Mexican plates, pizza by the slice, Organic goodies like sweet tea and even funnel cake. The average cost of anything ranges from $6 for beverages and $8 for food items.

We suggest you seek out foods that actually, you know, nourish your body. Fortunately these items are in abundance — you expend a lot of energy at an EDM festival, it’s only right you utilize the natural energy of a fruit smoothie or hearty helping of lean protein. We don’t want any passing out in the middle of the dance floor happening — it still happens in climates like Miami.

Bring some money to burn down to the food vendors at Ultra — their assortment of different food trucks offers some harder to find vendors you’ll never find out west.