Ultra Music Festival Drugs

Ultra Music Festival Drugs

Ultra Music Festival drugs are a complicated issue, depending how you look at it.

“I flew to Miami from Los Angeles and put a few pills in my allergy bottle from my checked bag. It was probably a stupid thing to do in hindsight but I was able to bring my own stash without any consequence. I’d probably never do it again, they’re always getting more strict when it comes to what you can and can’t take.” ~ Shane E.

Similar to Coachella, Ultra is located on the far coast — depending on where you need to travel, this makes providing your own stash of drugs next to impossible. Anyone crossing state boundaries runs a significant risk of being fined or arrested, serious charges like intent to sell generally the consequence.

Additionally, the location of Ultra, in the heart of Miami’s urban environment, makes acquiring drugs on the scene a delicate matter. Cities like Miami are sprawling, huge areas — perhaps making them more difficult to police. While it’s entirely possible for someone without a connection to find a source around the time of Ultra, it’s hardly an easy feat either.

While we aren’t advocating drug usage at Ultra, we’re also not oblivious to the reality of the event for many festival goers. We suggest you exercise great caution when purchasing or providing your own drugs — the risk of carrying these drugs and traveling great distances typically outweighs the benefits. Never take something you’re uncomfortable with and never take more than you know you can handle.