Train Trips Worth the Ride

Trains usually aren’t the first choice of transportation for many. But there is something magical when it comes to hitching a ride on a train. These old-fashioned train trips offer a one of a kind experience for all.

The Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon Railway leaves Williams, Arizona every morning from the Sante Fe Railway Station. The train takes passengers to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, where visitors can explore the beautiful national park. The train then returns to Williams in the afternoon. This is a great way for tourists to get to the Grand Canyon for just a few hours without having to drive. The Grand Canyon Railway opened in 1901, but closed down in the 1960s. It then opened back up in 1989. During the holidays, make sure to check out the train when it transforms into the Polar Express.

The Mt. Washington Cog Railway

The Cog

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The idea of the railway was first talked about in the 1850s and many thought it was impossible. But by 1869, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway was complete. The rail line reaches the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. For over 100 years it has been the 2nd steepest railway in the entire world. The tracks head three miles straight up from the base and peaks at about 6,000 feet. When the train reaches the top, travelers have the opportunity to explore the mountain for about an hour.

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

If you remember Harrison Ford’s The Fugitive, you will recall this train as the one that crashed to allow Ford’s character to escape. But the train trip is usually never that dramatic. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad runs through the beautiful Smoky Mountains in North Carolina for 53 miles. Along the way, passengers can experience Bryson City and the Tuckasegee River. The train also offers a seasonal Halloween trip that is complete with a Pumpkin Patch. Or if you are more into Christmas, you will have to check out their Polar Express train.