Top Seven Reasons to Fly First Class With Kids


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Much has been said about the benefits of the first class flights. These benefits become even more apprehensible when flying with kids. Here are top 7 reasons to choose first class when flying with children provided by

No Waiting for the Bathroom

This is really important, as kids are very impatient. Indeed, children are not good at waiting and standing in a queue is a real torture for most of them. Besides, even a potty trained child risks to wet the pants when waiting for too long. Having a quick access to the cleaner bathroom is also crucial for parents with babies or toddlers in diapers, as you do not need to wait to change your child.

Priority Boarding and Deboarding

Having a priority boarding is a valuable advantage when flying with children. Upon boarding your little one can have a rest or play while waiting for the take off. So, you can forget about the hassle of calming a noisy child while waiting in a stuffy and crowded pre-boarding area.

Better Chance for a Child to Sleep

For example, you bought first class tickets to Seoul. Fidgety and constantly crying children is the worst nightmare not only of parents, but of the fellow passengers as well. When lying on a comfortable flat sleeper seat, your child has more chances to fall asleep. A quiet sleeping child is a real blessing when you are in the air.

Better Services

Top airline carriers, taking little passengers aboard their first class cabins, do their best to make a flight for the little ones exciting and less boring. Depending on the carrier, your kid might be given coloring books, pencils, little souvenirs and other things to keep a child entertained.

Many first class lounges have a playing area for kids, so your precious fidget should not sit still during the whole flight. Besides at a first class lounge you will find a good selection of fruits, yogurts and other food and drinks to feed your little one.

No Need to Bring Food with You

Food served aboard the first class cabin is really tasty, healthy and always fresh. So there is no need taking food with. Your child will not get hungry.

Enough Space for Books and Toys

First class cabins offer a spacious area for the carry-ons, including your child’s books and toys. Having some extra space is always beneficial, especially on a long haul flight.

Free Access to the Window and Aisle

Kids love sitting near the window! Most first class seats have window access, so your child can watch the sky and clouds any time. Aisle access is yet one more advantage, as your child will not bother other passengers every time he or she needs to go to the bathroom.

With you will avail all these and many other benefits of the first class flights at the lowest airfare available. Enjoy the most comfortable flights with kids!