Top 4 Countries for Sport Tourism

Tourism continues to evolve over the years prompted by demands and expectations of tourists in the industry. Different travelers have different desires and anyone offering to meet this need will win their attention. For that reason, there has been a lot of segmentation that has led to the emergence of such a section known as Sports tourism. 

Different countries have taken up the challenge are today known for different sports tourism activities around the globe. Check this for a perfect example and more information on the same. If you are looking forward to travelling for sports, then here are the top 4 countries to consider… 

Image result for man playing golf
  • Portugal, for the golf enthusiasts

One of the major sports tourism activities is golf and this is well-established in Portugal. Travelers going to this country for sports should make the best of their time by trying out golf.  Specific areas around the country have invested in golf courses for a good golfing experience. The country’s mild climate throughout the year is a complementary factor to the thriving golfing sport in the country. 

One notable destination to visit is Algarve, which is deeply associated with this sport. The grounds are sufficiently spread from one area to the next. There is everything that a golf enthusiast is looking for. 

  • The United States, for Super Bowl 

Travellers looking for Super Bowl experience should take their next flight to the United States. This sport has grown over the years and has attracted a lot of fans all over the world. The United States will be the destination to the reality of what you have seen in Super Bowl commercials. 

 In what is commonly known as Super Bowl Sundays, sports tourists can take part in a 16-game regular season including an additional 3 postseason playoffs. If this is your kind of game, the United States will get you the experience you need. Prior to the Sunday evening, tourists are treated to two weeks of pre-game hype full of parties.

  • England, for Tennis Lovers

Tennis is another coveted game worth travelling for. A worthwhile destination for this sport would be England, in the old London Town, Wimbledon. The venue is the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. It is among the top main four tournaments that define the town.

Much to the fun is the surrounding pomp and town setting with green surfaces all over. The tournament is a big thing and the only major contest taking place on natural turf grounds.  With a good history of Tennis, sports tourists can consider Wimbledon, England for a great time. 

  • France, for Automobile Race 

Looking for sporting activities that need speed, skill and stamina, the Automobile sporting activity in France should be your option. This event brings together both the past and the present on the automotive race. Happening at the Circuit de la Sarthe, Les Mans the race is contested by 46 racers taking part in a series of classes.

Cars for the race include dedicated race cars, prototype high-performance cars and streetcars. Diversity in the race is brought about by the mix of contemporary competitors and old-fashioned ones. The winner must be the car covering the longest distance in the 24-hour race where a team of three drivers are required to drive it.

Final Thoughts 

Sports tourism is worth travelling for. You get custom experiences as desired based on your love for a sport of your own choice. Various countries across the globe provide unique sports tourist activities. Therefore, it is important to research what country will get you the kind of experience you are looking for prior to the travel date.