It’s Almost Time for TomorrowWorld 2014 Tickets

tomorrowworld 2014Pre-Registration for the massive EDM festival nestled in the hills outside Atlanta, Georgia is only 10 days away. In its inaugural year in the states TomorrowWorld, brought us an immensely talented lineup including Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Armin Van Buren, Hardwell, and David Guetta to just name a few… seriously I could go on and on about the amazing 2013 line up (check it out live sets on the TomorrowWorld SoundCloud). If you didn’t have the good fortune to be one of the 140,000 attendants and weren’t watching it stream live online, I would suggest watching the aftermovie to whet your appetite.

If that doesn’t make you excited for a PLUR-tastic 2014 I don’t know what will!