Tokyo Trip On A Budget


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Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, but this does not mean that you can’t find a way to do so while remaining within your budget. On top of finding coupons online on Discountrue or other websites to save on air fare and accommodations, there are numerous other tips that can save you a bundle on your next Tokyo trip!

Choose The Right Time Of Year

As with any city that you will travel to, it is crucial to select the right time of year to go. To save money on your trip, avoiding visiting around New Year’s, late April, early May and the middle of August. Everything in Japan shuts down around Christmas time, so bear this factor in mind if you are considering spending your holidays in Tokyo.

Plan Ahead

International flights tend to be very expensive, so waiting until the last minute to make a purchase would be rather unwise. Locate a travel agent and let them know that you are looking for the most inexpensive flight possible. If you have the ability to travel to a major hub, such as New York or Atlanta, and catch a flight from there, this works in your favor tremendously.


If you are looking to eat at some of the major Western restaurants in Tokyo, be prepared to spend big, as the taste of home comes at a high cost. Tourists who wish to eat cheaper foods will need to familiarize themselves with the local menu, as cuisine that is native to Japan is much less expensive. Sure, you can subsist on a diet of McDonald’s and T.G.I. Friday’s if you want to, but wouldn’t it be way more fun to actually experience local culture, instead of retreating into a Western themed cocoon?

What About The Language Barrier?

Not to worry, many Japanese citizens are able to speak at least some English. Be sure to avoid using rapid fire English and peppering your phrasing with terms that the average person may not know. You will want to avoid using excessive slang. This is especially important when it comes to using the local currency. Since their bills include two extra zeros, it is easy for Americans and Canadians to forget how to ask for the proper amounts while out and about in Tokyo, so remember this key fact when communicating with the locals.

Small Hotel Rooms

If you are comfortable spending time in small spaces, you can stay in what is known as a capsule hotel. For the low cost of roughly $30 per night, you can have a room that is no bigger than a refrigerator. However, female travelers may find it more difficult to locate a capsule hotel that allows them to stay, as most of them are male only. For example, Asakusa Riverside is one of the few capsule hotels that is unisex.

Good luck and have fun on your trip!