Tips For Eye Care When Away From Home

When traveling, it can be hard to access eye care. It is important to be prepared for basic eye care when away from home, especially if you require corrective lenses or glasses. Here are some tips for eye care when you are away from home:

Pack an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses

Glasses & contacts

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Glasses take time to be made and you might not have your prescription with you. An optometrist also might not be able to provide you with an appointment quickly enough. It is good to always have a spare set of glasses – these can be a great backup even if you wear contact lenses. There are many different resources for cheap spare pairs of glasses, such as Zenni Optical. It is also easy to order extra pairs of contact lenses.


In the past, if you had certain types of eye problems there was no choice except glasses or contacts. Through great advances in eye health research, many problems can be solved with Lasik eye surgery. The procedure is simple and affordable. With Lasik, you can restore your vision to a level where you don’t have to worry about glasses or contacts again. Your Lasik in Jacksonville provider is Florida Eye Specialists. They have extensive experience in providing the highest quality of eye care to their many satisfied patients. Caring doctors and staff will examine your eyes to make sure that Lasik can offer you high quality results. Florida Eye Specialists wants your experience to be as hassle-free and quick as possible so that you can get back to your active lifestyle.

Pack supplies such as saline and cleaning solutions

Saline can help refresh your eyes during travel by removing dust and debris and providing moisture to strained eyes. Moisturizing specialty eye drops are also good to pack. If you are traveling somewhere you have never been before it is possible that you will experience allergies or eye irritation that is not a problem back home. Favorite cleaning solutions for contact lenses may not be available abroad, so if you have specific needs it is essential that you plan for them.



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Buy a specific small bag so that you have all your eye care needs in one convenient spot. This can make it a lot easier to access items when travelling. No more spilling everything out of your bag, or struggling to find something when you need it right then and there. A soft or hard eyeglass case can also be a good choice for the busy traveler.

Plan for time in the sun

Transitional lenses for glasses can mean that you don’t have to worry so much about the effects of the sun on your eyes. The same thing of course can be achieved with traditional sunglasses if you wear contacts, or with a prescription pair of sunglasses. If you find yourself forgetting to bring a spare set of prescription sunglasses then you might find that transitional lenses are well worth the investment.