The main tips on how to avoid sadness when you stuck at home

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us have found themselves stuck at home. What are you doing to keep yourself happy and sane? Are you getting depressed? Are you lonely? People who were not familiar with mental illness are getting to know what it feels like. Sadness begins to dawn on individuals who do not understand the challenges of being at home. 

Here are some useful tips by Write my essay today:


It’s essential to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep gives room for ugly thoughts and can result in depression. 


Regular exercise helps in maintaining both mental and physical health of your body. You can get up early or do exercise even in the late evenings. You can achieve this by jogging and doing yoga. You can also engage in activities such as press-ups and stretching. 

Get Busy

At these times, when staying at home for longer hours, we tend to be very idle. Give yourself something to do, engage in pending works. Find out your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them. 


You should check on people related to you. Interact with your families, wives/husbands, and children. Contact your friends, siblings, and any other people you care about. Engage yourselves in activities that bring happiness during this rough time.


Observe what you eat. Always ensure that when at home, you take healthy foods. Do not over/under eat. Eat fruits and balanced diets.


Do not let loneliness tempt you to consume large amounts of liquor. It is not time to party. You should exhibit discipline to yourself and to your body too.


Find titles of books that you love reading. Exercise your brain by feeding in new knowledge. It will ensure you spend your time constructively.

Social Media

You should not spend most of your time using social media applications. Too much of the platforms give room for boredom and loneliness to set in. Be disciplined with your time, as well.


It is appropriate to note down your thoughts. Keeping a diary and regularly updating it is healthy.


You should write a list of new things that you would like to try. It may be trying out new recipes to improve your cooking skills. You can go for walks as you enjoy what mother nature is offering.


You should keep in touch with the people you interact with in your daily routines. It assists in maintaining the bonds that are existing before the crisis.


Listening to music aids a lot. Furthermore, you can try making some music. Make staying at home interesting for yourself. If it is drawing that you love, make sure you at least have one or two drawings on a regular.

Watch movies if you have to. Catch up with your favorite shows. 

Be Positive

A crisis is not a permanent thing. You should overlook and see that things will go back to normal. Do not panic amidst the pandemic. 

Speak out

Whenever you feel that you are having a problem with anything, reach out to relevant people. Do not suffer in silence. Keeping quiet allows depression to swallow you.

Once sadness kicks in, it is difficult to come out of it. It can damage your mental health. It can further develop to depression, which in extreme cases, may result in death. The crisis that has befallen us is bound to end. Nature is healing in the process as there is the least pollution. It is an opportunity to change for the better. Spend your time well.