The Great Smoky Mountains: A Kid’s Adventureland

One of the greatest pleasures of having a child in your life is the opportunity to see the world through their fresh perspective. As they explore interests and sensations for the first time, it inspires you to reconnect to your own inner child and sense of wonder. Take your next family vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains, where Pigeon Forge activities like these will whisk you and your child away to a magical land of adventure!

Dollywood Splash Country

Many people have heard of Dollywood, the Pigeon Forge amusement park named for Dolly Parton, but some may not realize it also contains a thrilling water park. Dollywood Splash Country features 16 wild and relaxing water rides across 35 acres. Race your kid to the bottom of Fire Tower Falls, a twin free-fall slide that starts 70 feet high and douses you with torrents of water on the way down! Grab an innertube large enough for the whole family for a white water rafting ride through caverns, cliffs and drops on Big Bear Plunge. For small children or a calmer experience, cool off on the Downbound Float Trip, a lazy river stretching 1,500 feet and passing through a 200-foot waterfall. At Dollywood Splash Country, you can stay for one, two or three days or snag a season pass to make splash-filled memories all summer long.

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

When explorer and archaeologist Professor Hacker embarked on a quest to find the lost ancient gold and diamond mines of the Fogclift Islands, he found much more than he had bargained for. As you play through two 18-hole mini-golf courses, you’ll follow in Professor Hacker’s footsteps to an enigmatic German mining train from WWI that takes you to the first tee at the top of the mountain. From there, you’ll navigate waterfalls, caves, a volcano, a temple and even a pirate ship to find the precious minerals. The most popular mini-golf course in Pigeon Forge carries you away on a wondrous journey through the mysteries of a distant land!


Only the most daring and eager treasure hunters will make it through MagiQuest and live to tell the tale! In this interactive game, young wanderers pass from fairy forest to Medieval village to dark and dangerous dragon dungeon, equipped only with a magic wand and rune-filled clue book to help them on the journey. They will face sweet fairies and beautiful princesses as well as a terrifying dragon and the greedy Goblin King while searching for precious treasure and leveling up their magical abilities. MagiQuest is ideal for small children and parents whose dream is to become true heroes in a mythical fairytale!


When a man-made tornado blew Professor Wonder’s gigantic science laboratory off the Bermuda Triangle, it came to land right here in Pigeon Forge. Thankfully, all of the wacky researcher’s experiments survived the trip! This unique amusement park of the mind entertains and educates with over 100 interactive and educational exhibits. Experience what an earthquake feels like in the Extreme Weather Zone, or create a one-of-a-kind geographical landscape from an augmented reality-enhanced sandbox in the Imagination Lab. Put your bravery and the physics of pressure to the test when you lie on a bed of 3,500 nails in the Physical Challenge Zone, and then try on an EVA suit in the Space Discovery Zone. WonderWorks proves scientific theories in ways that capture the imagination and delight inquisitive minds.

Known for its abundance of curious activities and amusement parks, the Great Smoky Mountains bring families closer together over exciting new experiences. A family getaway to the quaint mountain town of Pigeon Forge will not only stimulate your child’s imagination but also evoke a childlike sense of fun and play in yourself, too. Escape the mundane and plan an enchanting kid-friendly adventure in the Smokies!