The Evolution of Garden Furniture

Garden furniture suites have evolved massively over the years and now almost resemble furniture inside our homes, such is the style and quality in many cases.

With the changeable weather in the UK, it may seem strange thing that the garden market here is so big. In fact, one of the largest from a consumer spending perspective. We could reasonably assume that this possibly harks back to that age-old phrase ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ and the pride we feel for our home and garden has always been there. 

The moment the sun comes out in the UK, we rush for the barbeque and invite friends and family, so of course want our garden environment to look great and be comfortable for our guests.

There are of course many companies that offer garden suites and there is a huge range of pricing options.  It is tempting sometimes to opt for cheaper furniture, but as many of us have experienced in the past, they don’t tend to last too long.  Striking the balance between real quality of product and finding larger retailers that are able to discount can be tricky.  

I have found a few companies that have done this successfully and have invested heavily in larger stocks to enable the price to be so low.  Waterside garden centre does have a huge centre which is more a destination now days but thankfully also have an excellent website to enable them to deliver Nationally.   I found the right balance and am now ready for the summer months, dodging the odd rain shower as is the norm, but at least doing this around my garden furniture in some style!