The best yoga courses in India

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For thousands of years, yoga has been an Indian practice that mixes the physical, psychological and spiritual spectrum. Although yoga has become extremely popular in      the western world during the last decades, yoga’s Indian origins have made this country the perfect destination for those who seek to deepen their yoga knowledge and become professionals in this ancient practice.

What makes India the perfect place to learn yoga?

Yoga is a vital part of Indian culture. Hindus believe that yoga is eternal and that it has always existed. Yoga is already mentioned in one of the most important Hindi books, the Bhagavad Gita. The knowledge on Yoga was further expanded by Patanjali, who is considered by many experts as the founder of modern Yoga and a great master of this practice. During his life, Patanjali settled the bases of yoga in India: control of the mind, suffering reduction, spiritual development, and the capacity to discern between good and evil. 

To this day, these teachings are still being taught on prestigious Yoga courses all around the country. Opting out for a yoga training course in India is the best way to learn Yoga first hand from native experts. Many courses in India will allow you to get your official Yoga teacher certification, to teach Yoga worldwide, so you can turn your love for yoga into a steady source of income. Because when you turn your work into your passion, nothing will be able to stop you. 

The best training courses 

Once you settle yourself on the idea of expanding your knowledge of Yoga in India, the next thing you need to do is to start looking for a good course to do so.  There are many yoga courses available all across the country, but only a few of them offer the official certification that would allow you to become a certified yoga teacher.

If you are looking for further information on training yoga courses or want to take the step ahead and enroll yourself in a training yoga course in India today, we recommend that you check out the Kavaalya courses on their website

Kavaalya offers two different training courses, a 200 hours Teacher Training course and a 300 hours Teacher Training Course. The 200 hours course will guide you on the fundamental aspects of Yoga, while the 300 hours course is designed to deepen the knowledge of the 200 hours course and provide you with the Yoga Alliance Certification that allows you to register as RYT-500.

Both courses are taught in the beautiful region of Goa. The school is located next to a paradise beach, making it the perfect location to relax and meditate. Courses include accommodation and traditional Indian food, so all you need to do is immerse yourself in your studies. Studying in India will allow you to mix with the locals, and learn yoga first hand from native teachers. 

The yoga courses offered by Kavaalya come with many perks:

  • During the 200 hours course, you will gain:
    • A Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Certificate 
    • Skills required to be a yoga teacher.
    • A once in a lifetime experience. You will expand your inner self and meet new people that share your same interests in a bonding experience mean to last.
  • During the 300 hours course, you will gain:
    • A 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certificate that will allow you to register as RYT-500.
    • Expertise on teaching, with special emphasis on students, corrections and class flow organization.
    • Information on how to run your own yoga business. 

Overall, Kavaalya courses are a smart alternative, since they will not only teach you everything you need to know about yoga, but also train you to become a successful yoga teacher and start your own business.