The Best Halloween Event is at Six Flags

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest has been named the Best Theme Park Halloween event in the entire country and it really is terrifying. Every year, Six Flags across the country transform into their spooky Fright Fest, but the one in California is always the best.

Each year new features are added and the theme park gets even creepier. The park spreads across 260 acres and puts millions of dollars into the event. And this year is the year to go because the 2015 Fright Fest is bigger and scarier than ever before. The park offers seven mazes and seven scare zones. Not only are there haunted rides and attractions, but also actors hiding throughout the park ready to scare anyone who walks by.


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The wooden roller coaster, Apocalypse, participates in Fright Fest for the first time ever will transport guests to Morg City, which is inspired by the film Noir from the 1940s. The ride features plenty of monsters and zombie encounters.

Aftermath is the largest maze in Southern California and is also the most popular. Guests get lost in post-apocalyptic city that is full or warriors that stalk the living. All of the mazes are full of the best Hollywood-quality makeup and have stories that will give you nightmares. Or try out the attraction Vault 666. It takes guests into an abandoned research facility that is responsible for genetic experiments.

The gates of Fright Fest are called Demon’s Door and there is nowhere to hide once you enter. Guests are forced to be face to face with zombies during the Zombie Xing and there is also another area called In Nightmares – A Twisted Fantasy, where all of your childhood fears come to life.

Fright Fest at Magic Mountain is absolutely terrifying. It is definitely not for children or the faint of heart. But if you are looking for a thrill this Halloween, you have to check out Fright Fest.