The Amazing Technology Behind Computers

Computers nowadays are considered needs. It’s not uncommon for individuals or families to own more than one type of computer. When you’re on vacation, and you still need to work, you need to look for a computer you can carry so you can continue working. In this case, you need a laptop. There are a lot of laptop models that have slimmed down to weigh as little as a couple of pounds.

If mobility is not your primary concern, it is recommended to get a desktop, because it provides you with more performance for the same amount of money. Moreover, you have better flexibility in customizing the machine once you buy it.

Desktop Computers

Generally, desktop computers offer more performance for the same amount of money compared to laptops. They are less expensive to repair. Desktop computers also allow for a more ergonomically correct work environment, generally, come with better speakers, and give you the freedom to work on a larger screen.

Types of Desktop Computers

·       Full-Size Desktop

Full-sized desktops are the most budget-friendly and the easiest to upgrade and repair. Their only downside is they require a lot of room under or on top of your table. 

·       Compact Desktop

Compact desktops are less than half the size of full-sized desktops. We recommend buying small or slim desktops if you lack space under your desk or if you have plans to put your computer on your desk. 

·       All-in-One Desktop

These desktop computers are also known as “all-in-ones” because they incorporate the computer and monitor in one case. Its components are tightly packed behind and underneath the display, which makes it challenging to repair or upgrade. All-in-one desktops are space-savers computers.

·       Gaming Desktop

These are the computers designed for gaming systems. If you are into computer games and want to buy your desktop, we suggest getting a gaming computer. These computers have the fastest processors, the most sophisticated graphics cards, multiple large hard drives, the most potent dc ammeter shunt, and bigger RAM. These computers are quite expensive because of their features.


Unlike traditional computers, laptops let you use your computer away from your desk. However, you pay for that mobility with a cramped keyboard, a higher price, and sometimes, a reduced performance.

In deciding which type of laptop is the best one, the screen size will play a significant factor.

·       Laptops with Smaller Screens (10” to 13” screen size)

We recommend these laptops for people frequently on the move. First, these laptops are generally light enough to be brought, like, to and from your working area without having to exert too much effort. Laptops in this size range nowadays are more than capable of handling everyday office tasks with ease, though they may not have the fastest processors.

·       Laptops with Medium-Sized Screens (14” to 16” screen size)

These laptops offer the ideal balance of performance, portability, and price for several users. We recommend these laptops if you take your machine along less frequently or if you need to use it for a longer time for work or school. These laptops can be considered as a desktop replacement.

·       Laptops with Larger Screens (17” to 18” screen size)

If you want a desktop replacement that is big enough to fit in one place, but portable enough to carry from one room to another, we recommend getting these laptops. They generally have top-performing processors, with standard hard drives to give you tons of storage, although not top performance.

Computers are widely available in all major retail computer shops and major online websites. Make sure to check all the warranties covered and their return policies for unsatisfied purchases.