Steps to Take to Free Your Mind and Soul

Finding that escape from the stress of living a responsible life is an ongoing struggle for every person. Some find it in a book and a cozy coffee house. Others seek escape through workouts at a gym or binge-watching Netflix.

What do many of us with a strong independent streak running through our blood do to escape this troubled world?

Consider this to be a helpful hand in how to “getaway”, specially designed for the free-thinker in all of us. Let’s look at some suggestions for dressing right for concerts. Then, we are going to a festival, and it’s not what you think. Finally, you can grab this book and head to your coffee shop to get centered in the moment.


Concert Wear for Each Season

Hold on guys, don’t stop reading at the first sentence. We have included you for this segment as well. Certainly, the ladies are more concerned with their appearance on any given day than the fellas. However, we recognize that some men are just as fashion-oriented as the ladies.

Looking your best for a concert is part of the excitement of going. After all, every person inevitably feels better when they look their best. You spent a lot of money on those tickets. It only makes sense to “look the part”.

Of all the suggestions, available online for concert attire, we found it rather surprising to see our friends at Ticketmaster with a comprehensive year-round concert fashion trends guide. Numerous genres of music are covered for the varying tastes of each concert goer.

A Festival of Music

Across the United States people gather for a day or weekend to enjoy live music and the fellowship of fans. This idea is not new, as one of the most famous bands in history, the Grateful Dead, have established their place in history as having one of the most devoted fan followings ever.

Paige Vreede has an obsession for music that began at 5 years of age. What she has in common with millions of others is in her discovery of the power of music, how it takes the listener to another place and time.

The curiosity surrounding a festival held at the Institute of Mentalphysics on the weekend of October 14 – 16, 2016 drove Paige to experience it. In her Desert Daze Reviews for Janky Smooth, she captures the experience of the attendees – “Desert Daze 2016 is the best festival I’ve ever been to. And no, I can’t quite explain what it is or what makes me feel that way.”.  


Centered in the Now

Have you found yourself struggling to keep your attention focused on the task at hand? Does your mind wander aimlessly between the past and future? Struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, and resentment? We could add so many other emotional bedevilments to this list, you get the idea.  

Eckhart Tolle is world-renowned for his spiritual teachings and experience. His book The Power of Now gained international recognition through word of mouth from those who read, and put into practice, the simple teachings and experience found within.

Its essence is rooted in one. A new way of living, which requires the removal of ego through a spiritual practice which brings the individual to a new awakening, how they are part of one. Ask anyone who has read and begun the practice of the contents of this book. You are certain to find that it is life changing.