Should you be sharing your travel experiences?

Traveling can be lots of fun, and we all want to keep lasting memories of the experiences we may have had during our travels. That is why we take photos or videos of the sites we may have visited. We then often choose to share these memories with our loved ones – our family and friends. This way, they can share in our experiences, and it can even help them discover new places that they can choose to visit during their next vacation.

Different ways of documenting your travels

  • Travel blog: Starting a blog will allow you to narrate the experiences during your travels. To make your blog more interesting to readers, try adopting a less-is-more approach and only post the highlights of your travel experience.
  • Photo journals: These are usually more interesting to most audiences because you can convey a variety of experiences with just a few photos. It is best to only have a few photos of each experience so as not to make the journal too monotonous for your audience.
  • Social media: This has become one of the most popular ways of sharing travel memories these days. The best social media sites for posting your photos are Instagram or Facebook. It is again best not to overload your audience with information, but instead give them only the most interesting highlights and captivating photos.
  • Video: This method not only allows your audience to see what was being experienced, but also to hear and get a sense of what the traveler was feeling during the experience. As such, your audience is bound to find it more engaging and enjoyable, as they’ll almost feel like they were right there alongside you for the journey.

Tips for taking great photos and videos

  • You should research your destination beforehand, either by browsing travel sites on the internet or reading practical travel guidebooks.
  • Prepare an essential kit filled with equipment that you will require for your destination. For example, the kit could include a DSLR body, wide-angle, mid-range and telephoto zooms, a good lightweight tripod, as well as appropriate filters.
  • When taking photos of landscapes, you should use the Aperture Priority mode to get a maximum depth of field. This way, your scene will be sharp as one moves from the foreground to the background.
  • When shooting a portrait of a subject, it is best to use a large aperture so as to isolate the subject.
  • With videos, you can show off the beauty of a location by having someone engaged in some active activity within the scene.

Finally, it is possible to make money from your travel photos and videos by selling them to organizations that specialize in either stock photos or stock video footage. You can also monetize your photo blogs by including ads on the blog.

There are many ways of sharing your travel experiences, whether privately with your family or friends, or with strangers on a public travel blog. You should simply remember the dos and don’ts of taking and posting the photos and videos so as to keep your audience suitably engaged.