Plan the Perfect Anniversary Date in New York

By planning a romantic getaway for your anniversary, you can sweep your partner off their feet and make them feel special once more. New York is the destination where you can plan the ideal day of romance.

Wake Up in the Lap of Luxury

Just because your trip to New York is centered around your anniversary, do not fly to the city on the big day. Start your trip a day or two in advance. Once you reach New York, you can book a suite with a gorgeous view of the city. Even if you are planning a budget holiday, book a room at a luxury hotel the night before and the night of your anniversary. The night before your anniversary gets a bottle of bubbly to pop and share to kick off the celebrations. Waking up in the lush, luxurious hotel room is sure to be the best beginning to your anniversary day. Get up late and spend some time together before heading out for the day.

Enjoy a Beautiful Brunch

Once you have taken your sweet time to get out of bed, you can make your way towards a romantic brunch. New York is full of restaurants which offer different kinds of cuisine. You should be aware of your partner’s favorite cuisine. Check online for restaurants that serve brunch in New York. There will be plenty of restaurants that will serve the cuisine that your partner enjoys. If your partner is adventurous, then you can even try out cuisine that you both have never tried before. Book your table in advance if you are going there during the weekend.

Fly High

You do not have to be Christian Grey to give your partner a thrilling experience. Book airport helicopter tours to make the day special. When you book airport helicopter tours, you will be taken around New York in a helicopter and given a guided tour. While you book airport helicopter tours, you can book a private tour to make the activity special. Your partner is sure to remember the special tour that you share.

Picking the Perfect Gift

What better way to show your love for your partner than through a gift they can treasure. Take your partner to Tiffany’s after your helicopter tour. Let your partner select the jewelry they want. This is a good way to allow your partner to buy what they want and to stay within budget.

Dress Up for Dinner

After your helicopter tour and shopping stop, you can head back to your hotel to enjoy the room even more. Try to avoid packing the day with too many activities. Take your time to get ready for dinner. Book a table for two at any of the swanky luxury restaurants in New York. Book a limo to take you from your hotel to the restaurant and back. Enjoy your fine dining experience before you bring your anniversary celebrations to an end.

Plan your anniversary to pamper your partner but do not forget to show your love and appreciation towards your partner in small ways all year round.