Outside Lands Cabana Cost

Outside Lands Cabana Cost

Outside Lands Cabana Cost

Outside Lands Cabanas cost a lot but provide the most luxurious experience possible at the festival. Here’s just an overview of what to expect.

The premium VIP experience, Cabanas offer just about everything you’d never expect given the location, resort-style amenities right on the festival grounds. Every 450 sq. ft cabana (225 sq. ft. of tented area with 225 sq. ft. of outdoor space), is seriously upscale and provides amazing viewing areas close to the main performance stage.

You and up to 20 other people receive VIP tickets every day of the festival. You’re treated to exclusive entrances, lounge seating, gratis beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverage services, nearby bathroom trailers, massage therapist access, four (4) passes for parking, festival merchandise and private concierge service to coordinate all your rich Cabana inhabiting requests.

If that doesn’t sound awesome to you – well, you probably aren’t invited to our cabana.

We’re still waiting to hear back on official pricing options, but we assume it’s nothing to scoff at given the details. Early reports indicate the cabana situation will run you a cool $25,000, something we’re led to believe will remain true here for the 2013 installment.

But hey, can you really ever put a price tag on luxury?

*Update on pricing:

The marketing team wasn’t so hip to our informal request to post official pricing on Travel Hymns — we’ll resort to our original figure of $25k until we hear differently.