MusicfestNW Drugs and Drug Usage

MusicfestNW Drugs and Drug Usage

How does MusicfestNW drugs and drug usage compare to other festivals? Let’s ask a MusicfestNW fan first.

“As you might expect, weed is a huge part of the Portland drug scene. It’s really not shocking to see someone light up a joint in very public places out here, you just need to be respectful of young kids and adults. The beer scene is pretty comparable to Chicago fests like Lollapalooza. The psychedelics are also pretty big out here. Last year I dropped acid at the Pioneer Courthouse Square show. Best decision of my life.”

The microbrewery scene in Portland undoubtedly contributed greatly to the abundance of alcohol from one venue to another. Portland also has a far more progressive attitude toward responsible drug usage than most other areas of the country. We have yet to hear of any dangerous incidents associated with MusicfestNW to suggest otherwise.

We probably sound like a broken record here, but our purpose of including these drug posts is not so much to advocate partaking in the debauchery as much as acknowledging the reality of most music festivals. We believe all festival goers are entitled to a good time when using responsibly — and no, that’s not an oxymoron.

Be safe out there and stay hydrated!