Munch on These Free Foods on Your Next Flight

When you are flying in coach, it may not always be the best experience. But some airlines still offer delicious snacks to flyers to make flights just a little more pleasant. Not only are these snacks free, but also tasty.

JetBlue’s Terra Blues potato chips

JetBlue’s iconic Terra Blues potato chips have been around for years and I am happy that they still serve them. Back in the day, before they made smaller bags, larger bags were given to passengers. These days, passengers are given individual-sized bags, but there are still plenty of chips to satisfy you. Even on short flights, JetBlue is happy to give out the chips. These blue chips have a lot of flavor and are a great treat on the airplane.

Southwest’s peanuts


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Southwest has been serving their famous honey roasted peanuts for a long time. Peanuts are always a great snack and really help pass the time when you are flying. There is just something about Southwest’s peanuts that are super delicious and taste better than regular peanuts. Maybe it is because they are free or maybe it is because they are such a nice surprise when flying in coach.

Air Canada’s Peek Freans


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Air Canada gives passengers a nice surprise by handing out delicious Peek Freans Cranberry Citrus Oat Crunch biscuits. These biscuits are round and thin and they have a very unique and fruity flavor. Think of a biscuit that has a flavor with a hint of orange and tart cranberries. Surprisingly, this free treat is only served on short flights.