Michael Lauchlan: Finding Balance Between Travel Experiences And All Things Crowdfunding

For a lot of people, it is hard work to balance consistent work with pleasure.

Michael Lauchlan understands that extremely well. He is a very passionate traveler in his spare time, and he believes that he can use his passion to help him with his professional life as well.

How does he balance everything out with his passion for business and crowdfunding plus his desire to see the world? Here are a few tips he shared with us to better explain how he has time for everything.

Constantly discover new places

It’s common for people to fall into the same routine and travel to places they feel are relatively safe. When traveling, Lauchlan believes that a person should always be checking out new areas that broaden horizons. There could be inspiration found by going to a place normally not on the typical travel brochure.

Make time for work while traveling

Not everyone likes to work when they are traveling or on vacation, but it is a way to travel more often without taking off days. The ability to work remotely is as strong as ever, and a lot of times, it just takes a laptop to handle a lot of things. Couple with a smartphone, and a person can set up an office virtually anywhere in the world for some temporary work. 

Is it going to completely replace the typical office? Probably not, but it might buy a few more days that are half work, half vacation. Wise words shared by Michael Lauchlan.

Book in advance for great deals

What are the main things that hold people back from traveling? Airfare, in particular, seems to be the biggest culprit, but some great deals can be had if shopping well in advance.

A lot of people like to be spontaneous, but that could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars more. Plan ahead, and travel becomes a lot more affordable.

Travel with someone else

Saving on airfare is just the beginning when traveling to different parts of the world. If traveling with someone else, expenses can be split halfway a lot of times. This means spending less on a place to sleep, less on transportation and more. It helps to have a travel partner who enjoys going to the same things, so no one has to compromise what they want to do. In my case, I love traveling with other friends who have launched crowdfunding campaigns as we share similar interests and values. 

Pick the right time of year

Too often, people go to different parts of the world at the wrong time. For example, if you aren’t really into winter activities, it doesn’t make sense to go to Toronto in January. Schedule accordingly so that each trip is maximized to the fullest. It also allows people to see whatever they want to see in the city, and no return trip is needed. Maybe it ends up being a perfect travel destination and it’s visited again, but having no regrets whatsoever is nice.

Final thoughts

Traveling is very important to not only satisfy a person’s passion, but for clearing the mind and being creative on the job. The crowdfunding industry involves a lot of interesting people from all walks of life, and the most successful crowdfunding stories usually come down to creative minds coming up with something extremely beneficial.

As great as travel is, there is always an opportunity to travel more. If it can in any way be part of a person’s job, it becomes a lot more interesting as a way of life.