Lollapalooza Ticket Prices

Lollapalooza Ticket Prices

Lollapalooza Ticket Prices

Lollapalooza ticket prices arrive in a variety of different pay scales — if one thing doesn’t vary, it’s their rate of sellout. One of the advantages to purchasing the highest level of tickets is having first dibs on the following year’s tickets. One of the most frustrating aspects to music festivals is the inability to have a fair shake at purchasing tickets. Lollapalooza is one of the more progressive festivals we’ve seen in terms of addressing this, we certainly hope other major festivals begin following suit.

Generally, the highest packages won’t sellout until close to the actual date of the festival. If you’re thinking about splurging on Lollapalooza, you don’t have to worry quite the same way about tickets being unavailable. We’ll discuss this in our Lollapalooza 2013 preview.

If you’re shooting for GA, much like other major US music festivals, you’ll need to be punctual.

Lollapalooza General Admission Tickets + Passes

All prices reflect final total, no additional service charges!

Lollapalooza 3-Day General Admission Tickets – starting at $75 and scaled upward to $235

Lollapalooza 1 Day General Admission Tickets – $95 per day

Lollapalooza 3-Day VIP Tickets + Lollapalooza 3-Day Platinum Tickets – starting at $1050